Best Standby Generators for Home Use

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Best Standby Generators for Home Use

The search for the best standby generator gets a little tricky when you are buying it for the home. When the light goes out, you need a generator that is efficient, reliable and has the power to supply the entire house.

Portable generators are not much of a use when you need to power all the appliances in the home. In these cases, we recommend opting for standby generators. If power outages are significant for your family, investing in a good quality standby generator would go a long way in dealing with it.

The standby generators are stationary. Contractors fix them at your home with a power line running directly to the electrical system. When the light goes out, the generator starts automatically.

There are many options for standby generators available in the market. But, we have selected some top options that provide good value for money.

With no more wait, let’s dive into the list of best standby generators for home use!

List of the Best Standby Home Generators

1. Generac Protector QS 27000-Watt (LP)/25000-Watt (NG)

25000 Watt NG

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A standby generator is especially important in the winter months when homes are prone to power outages. The Generac Protector standby generator runs on natural gas or propane. This generator can, therefore, directly connect to the home fuel supply.

The generator is covered by aluminum, which protects its surface. The running wattage of Generac Protector is 25,000 watts when used with natural gas line and 27,000 watts with liquid propane. You can also connect an automatic transfer switch to the generator by yourself. This will enable the generator to start automatically when the power goes out.

Another important feature of the generator is a self-test system. It makes sure that the generator is ready for the case of an emergency.

Product Features

  • The generator delivers power with a total harmonic distortion of less than 5% for the smooth operation of home appliances and electronics
  • The external window for viewing with back-lit buttons used for fast status check of generator
  • LCD display with multilingual controller features
  • Weekly self-test automatically run by the generator at 180RPM to consume less fuel
  • Can connect to direct natural gas or propane supply line or liquid propane supply
  • Aluminum coating to protect against corrosion. Experts also recommend it for the coastal locations.
  • Limited warranty of 5 years

2. Generac 7043 Home Standby Generator

The Generac 7043 standby generator is on our list of best standby generators for a good reason. It is a reliable and efficient model with a high power supply. It comes with a 5-year warranty as well.

This standby model has a great capacity for fuel. It can run on both liquid propane and natural gas, connecting directly to the supply line. It provides an excellent 22,000 watts of power running on liquid propane. Also, it goes up to 19,500 watts of power with natural gas. This power capacity is enough for larger homes with a lot of electrical appliances.

It also comes with a good quality LCD display with multilingual functions. You can closely monitor the battery and time of maintenance in this model. The special Mobile Link Remote Monitory System of the generator allows you to control the functioning from a distance.

The generator design is sturdy with a finish of Rhino-Coat powder. The generator runs a self-test to get ready for emergency situations. The customer service for this model is available 24/7 for the customers.


  • Provides smooth operation for electrical appliances with the best power quality
  • NEMA 3, 200amp Smart transfer witch
  • LED screen to check status and utility power
  • Durable weather coating with removable sides for easy installation
  • The Generac battery comes separately from the model
  • G-Force engine for greater reliability and less maintenance
  • Mobile link remote monitoring system for controlling functionality

3. Kohler 12RESVL – 12kW Home Standby Generator System

Kohler 12RESVL 12kW Home Standby Generator System

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This model of Kohler standby generators makes position in our list for its powerful and compact design. The generator comes with a large starting capacity through Power-Boost technology. It features a Command Pro engine with hydraulic lifters and a crankshaft.

With the power of 12KW, it can start a central air conditioner of 5-ton within minutes. It is better than other similar models in terms of power and overall life span. It has low-maintenance costs and lasts long. The compact design makes it best suited for homes as it packs more power in lesser space.


  • OHV 7000 V-twin Engine of Kohler series with powerful hydraulic valve lifters, rendering it reliable and long-lasting
  • Power-Boost technology for quick start motor and ability to take heavy loads
  • Includes Indoor ATS 100-Amp 12-Space Load Center
  • Voltage regulation feature for low distortion and protecting the sophisticated home appliances
  • Fast power restore timing of 10 seconds

4. Kohler 14kW Aluminum Standby Generator System

Kohler 14kW Aluminum Standby Generator System

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This model of Kohler is best for home use with its premier power. This generator runs on liquid propane or natural gas. You can connect it to the power supply of the house as a direct fuel source. It provides 14000 Watts at a frequency of 60 Hertz.

With natural gas as a fuel source, it can provide up to 12000 Watts. The generator comes with included automatic transfer switches for smooth running. This model of Kohler can efficiently provide backup power to a 5-ton centralized air conditioning system.

The model comes with an aluminum coating to protect against corrosion and weather damage. It also includes a warranty of 5 years.


  • The air-cooled system with the power of 14KW on LPG and 12KW on Natural gas
  • Comes with an Automatic Transfer Switch for smooth and automatic functioning. Best to use for load-shedding.
  • Powerful engine working with installed hydraulic valve lifters. The engine meets the emission regulations of California and the U.S. EPA.
  • Aluminum enclosure for 100% weather and corrosion resistance. You can easily mount the aluminum base on a cement pad.
  • Power Boost technology for quick motor start and taking up larger loads.
  • Low distortion (less than 5% THD) to protect sophisticated home appliances.
  • Fast power restores time of 10 seconds with a reliable silencer to prevent noise.
  • Digital controller with LED lights and character display. Easy viewing of the generator ATS status. Glare-resistant screen with the easy setting of weekly exercise.
  • Remote Monitoring system with built-in Ethernet card.
  • Streamline body and design with the easy installation method. You can mount it within 18 inches of the home.
  • 5-year limited warranty for the consumers

5. Generac Protector 48kW Standby Generator

Generac Protector 48kW Standby Generator

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This model of Generac Protector is surely expensive, but it is the best solution for large homes. We recommend this ultimate solution for luxury homes because it provides all 200-amps of electricity.

The Generac engine also runs at a slow speed to consume less fuel. The silencer system of the generator results in minimum noise so your family does not get disturbed. The aluminum coating on the generator protects it against damage and keeps it going for longer.

You can directly connect to the gas supply pipeline of the home and run on LP/NG. It provides 48000 watts of power on both the fuel sources. It can also connect up to eight circuits. The generator also comes with a warranty of 5 years.

Product Features

  • Premium high-power emergency generator best for luxury homes
  • Provides fully automatic operation with the Generac Smart Switch
  • Direct connection to the home gas supply line for clean-burning
  • Includes Wi-Fi/ internet connectivity to generate an automatic status on the smartphone or PC
  • Improved hydraulic lifters for less cost of maintenance and efficient performance. The generator engine operates at 1800 RPM to consume less fuel than other models.
  • True Power technology with less than 5% THD for grade power
  • LCD screen with 2 line display and multilingual functions. Straightforward controllable exerciser for preventing damage. Quiet test feature at low RPM for 5 to 12 minutes.
  • Aluminum enclosure for corrosion resistance and protection against the weather.
  • Easy installation in the home within 18” of building

How to Pick the Best Standby Generator for Home

With the increase in power outages and shutdowns in the pandemic, generators have become necessary items for homes. Home standby generators are the best option for an uninterrupted electrical power supply.

If you are new to buying a standby generator, we can help you get on the right track. Consider the following factors while buying a standby generator for your home.

Home Standby Generators vs. Portable Generators

You will find both generator options in the market. Therefore, first, understand the difference between these two types. Portable generators are typically small and their design is not ideal for a long-term power outage.

Standby generators are stationary and can connect to the gas supply line of the home. These generators can turn on automatically to provide power to the house.

Standby generators have the following advantages over portable generators:


The automatic function of the standby generators makes you less in contact with fuel. There is no need to change fuels or start the generator multiple times. It reduces the risk of safety hazards like fire and electric shock.

High Power

Standby generators have far more power than portable generators. They can easily power the home and can turn on automatically. Whole-house generators provide maximum power output to power your complete house.

More Convenient

Unlike portable generators, the standby generator does not need to be restarted. The standby generator automatically restores the power of the house without disturbing the functioning of appliances. The critical electrical components like AC, refrigerator, and TV get power with no extra hassle.

Fuel Source

Before buying a standby generator, identify your fuel source as well. A standby generator will usually use liquid propane gas (LPG) or natural gas (NG). The generator can also use diesel as a fuel.

Diesel-run generators will need a large tank to store the fuel. Also, you would need to use a liquid-cooled system which can cost you extra. LPG or NG fuel sources are the best and most cost-effective for home standby generators.

Before connecting the generator to your home supply line, make sure that gas supply lines are of the correct size. The contractor can provide you with information about your gas meter and required supply line.

Estimating Power Needs

Before buying any generator, you should also estimate your power needs. You can check the power requirements of your home and then can buy a generator accordingly.

It is easy to estimate the power needs. All you need to do is check the power of your electrical devices at home. Large electric appliances like refrigerators, air conditioners, heaters, etc consume more power than others.

You can check your power requirements online as well. Most generator manufacturers give you the facility of an online wattage calculator to find out the best suitable generator for you.

You can also do this on your own by checking the label on your electrical devices. Most appliances have wattage labels as “running wattage” and “starting wattage”. Starting watts tell you about the power consumed when the appliance is first started and running watts is the power while the appliance is running.

In case you don’t have starting watts labeled on your appliance, you can calculate it yourself. Just multiply the running watts by 3 and add them together. This value is the power consumption of your home. When buying a generator, multiply this value by 1.5 to have a safety margin.

A medium-sized household in the U.S. consumes almost 5000 to 7500 watts. Therefore, you can find generators with an output of 7500-10,000 watts.

Note: Some appliances have values in kilowatt (KW) and others in watt (W). 1kW is equal to 1000W.

Size of the Generator

The physical footprint of the generator also matters, especially when you are installing it at home. Most large generators are approximately 30 x 30 x 48 inches. The smaller home generators are usually 24 x 24 x 36 inches.

You will also have to check the regulatory codes for your area on the need for distance from your home. Some generators are easy to install and only need a distance of 18 inches from an exterior wall. While other generators require a distance of at least 5 feet from any openings or doors of the house.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best generator for use at home?

Buying the best generator for a home depends on several factors. It includes the power needs of your house, the number of appliances you want to use, fuel source and size of the generator, etc.

Consider these factors to determine the generator that is best suited for your needs.

How long can I run an entire house on a standby generator?

A standby home generator that has an unlimited supply of fuel and no mechanical issues can theoretically run indefinitely. However, just like other engines, a standby generator needs regular maintenance to keep it in a good shape. Regular upkeep will make your generator last for longer.

How big should be a generator to supply the complete house?

A generator should meet the power requirements of your house. A middle-sized U.S. home requires 5000 to 7500 watts. Standby generators usually start at 10,000 watts and then go up from there in power capacity.

Is a standby home generator worth it?

A standby generator is more expensive than other portable models, but it can give you peace of mind. Standby generators keep you covered during power outages. They also require low maintenance and you don’t need to change fuel repeatedly. They run automatically and can also self-test once a week.

These features make standby generators a worthwhile investment.

Do standby generators need to be maintained?

Standby generators should be regularly maintained for efficient functioning. It includes oil changes, replacement of air filters, and periods of operation after a while to charge the battery.

Should I buy a portable or standby generator for my home?

A portable generator is less expensive, but it is unlikely to cover your power needs at home. Also, you need to change the fuel and restart the generator every time the power goes out.

Standby generators are stationary and properly enclosed. They provide premier power to all your electrical appliances. Also, the standby generators can detect power outages automatically and can start on their own.

If you want to run multiple appliances in your home and have ease of use, we recommend you opt for a standby generator. Portable power stations are best for camping and use in an RV, etc.

Is an invertor generator better than a standby generator?

Inverter generators have a limited range of wattages. Whereas, standby generators provide much more power for running home appliances.


Buying a standby generator is a long-term investment, so we understand when customers want only the best. From the many options available n the market, we have selected the top best standby generators for your home use.

If your search gets a little tricky, you can take help from our buying guide. Various factors like the power needs of your home, the source of fuel you want to use, frequency of usage, and size of the generator matter while choosing the best option.

We recommend you estimate your power needs and then choose a standby generator that is best suited for your home needs.