5 Best Standby Generators For Backup Power Needs

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5 Best Standby Generators For Backup Power Needs

Are you searching for a standby generator to cope with the power breakdown issues? We understand that sudden power breakdown creates a lot of problems. To keep electric appliances operational standby generator is the best option to consider.

To buy the best one, you have to consider several things before deciding. There are multiple options available in the market, and you might get confused to figure out the best one.

Do not worry, and we have a great solution that will help you make the right choice. Try to check the generator’s features first, then give a detailed read to its description. If the generator fulfills your expectations and demands, check out the product’s reviews.

If it has a high rating, then, at last, make sure that your selected product is within your budget, and hence, you can get it quickly.

Moreover, you can consider the different options discussed below. They might also help you out in choosing the best standby generator for your home.

1. Generac Guardian Standby Generator

Generac Guardian Standby Generator

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It is a Wi-Fi-enabled Guardian generator that allows remote monitoring, you to monitor its status through the phone. You can control your generator from anywhere in the world using the company’s MobileLink technology.

The generator provides 10,000 watts through liquid propane (LP) or 9,000 watts via natural gas (NG). It is an air-cooled generator, and it shuts down automatically in high temperatures.

It has an automatic transfer switch that takes overpowering your home the minute you lose grid-based power.

Professional installers are needed to set up the generator at your home. It can easily attach to the existing LP or NG pipes in the house and usually comes with a five-year limited warranty.


  • It delivers best-in-class power quality.
  • It has less than 5 % total harmonic distortion for sensitive electronics.
  • It has a purpose-built, pressure-lubricated engine capable of handling generator use rigors, resulting in more reliable power and requiring less routine maintenance.
  • Quiet-Test or Self-Test Mode runs at a lower RPM for a five or twelve-minute test.
  • Rigid, Durable All-Aluminum Enclosures. Its coating material is corrosion-resistant and perfect for all weather conditions.
  • Smart, User-Friendly Controls. A multilingual LCD allows users to monitor battery status and track maintenance intervals.
  • It has a warranty of 5-years.

2. Böhmer-AG W4500i Petrol Generato

Bohmer AG W4500i Petrol Generato

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It is one of the best budget-friendly options that you can consider. With multiple unique features and unique specifications, it is among the top-rated generators.

A 4 stroke petrol engine drives the model. Its engine is pretty quiet when it runs, and you could easily use it in the house.

You will get two 240V 3 pin UK plug outputs and a 12V DC output to suit various power supply needs.

You can efficiently run multiple appliances with this generator in an emergency or even for sustained periods.


  • The fuel-efficient W4500i inverter gives unparalleled performance while reducing fuel consumption by up to 40%.
  • It uses advanced intelligent engine management.
  • The economy mode setting reduces consumption even further when switched on.
  • Its sine wave technology enables you to charge your devices, run your laptop and power your larger appliances as well.

3. Generac PowerPact 7,500 Watt Standby Generator

Generac PowerPact 7500 Watt Standby Generator

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If you are searching for fewer watts of power generator for your small home, the Generac PowerPact 7,500 Watt Standby Generator is an ideal option that you can consider. The PowerPact consists of the most similar features as Generac’s larger models.

The PowerPact includes a three-year limited warranty and is one of the best options, measured at 69 dbA. The PowerPact consists of a lightweight, indoor-rated automatic transfer switch and can power up to eight circuits of your home.


  • Powers 8-circuits of the home with the 50 Amp, Nema 1 (indoor rated only) lightweight transfer switch
  • Digital Controller features LED indicators for utility power presence, generator status, or maintenance required.
  • Generac OHV engine mainly manufactured for generator use provides the reliability to power through the most severe outages.
  • Durable powder-coat finish assists in making the sturdy, Galvanneal steel enclosure ideal for all weather conditions.
  • True Power Technology provides best-in-class power quality.
  • It has less than 5 percent total harmonic distortion for sensitive electronics and appliances clean, smooth operation.
  • 3 of the 4 sides are removable, which ensures simplified service and maintenance access
  • 3-year limited warranty.

4. Pramac GBW10Y Standby Generators

Pramac GBW10Y Standby Generators

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It is a 6 kVA Single Phase Silent Stage V Diesel Generator. Yet, another excellent choice for searching for one of the best standby generators. It has multiple unique and user-friendly features that make it ideal for its users.

Moreover, its structure and construction are pretty impressive if we consider the mechanics. The product has several good reviews and is among the top-rated standby generators in the current period.


  • Its Robust mechanical structure permits easy access to the connections and components during routine maintenance check-ups.
  • The digital DSR controls the voltage range, avoiding trouble with unskilled personnel.
  • The MAUX MeccAlte Auxiliary Winding is a separate winding that enables to take an overload of 300% forced current (short circuit maintenance) for 20 seconds.
  • It is ideal for motor starting requirements.
  • Impregnation Insulation is of class H standard, made with premium tropicalized epoxy resins.
  • Its high voltage parts are impregnated by vacuum, so the insulation level is always excellent.
  • There is noise attenuation due to soundproofing material (polyurethane foam) and efficient residential silencers placed inside the canopy.

5. Pramac GA8000 (NG) Standby Generators

Pramac GA8000 NG Standby Generators

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If we have listed it down at number 5, that does not mean that it is way more diminutive than the others. It is unique in its way. The distinguishing features keep it among the top-rated standby generators as well.

It is a 7 kVA Residential Natural Gas Generator. Users can consider it a great option with a slight variation in its features and specification.


  • Its full pressure lubricating system ensures smooth engine operation.
  • It has a whether protected Aliminium enclosure.
  • It also has a 305 mm maximum fuel line connector, providing easy installation.
  • It is also compatible with WiFi connectivity and digital control.
  • It is also compatible with LTS (Load Transfer Switches)

Buying Guide for Best Standby Generators

After getting stuck between multiple options, users often find it challenging to figure out the best one for them. They ask for the method to analyze and find out their best choice.

The easiest way to resolve the problem is by following a standard buying guide. A buying guide is quite helpful to figure out the best product. And only for your convenience, we have compiled a buying guide.

You can carefully consider and follow this buying guide to make the right choice for yourself. Consider all the things mentioned in it and evaluate your case accordingly. You will find it quite helpful.

Calculate Your Overall Power Requirements

When purchasing a generator, the essential determination is your house’s power requirements. Especially consider the maximum power consumption and the essential electric appliances.

Including refrigerators, air conditioning, sump pumps, water heaters, and space heaters will have some of the highest power draws in the house.

Online wattage calculators can assist you best in finding the size generator best for powering your whole house. You can also calculate it yourself by finding the wattage rating label on each electrical appliance.

It would be best to multiply the total watts of your appliances by at least 1.5 to create an approximate margin of safety. You can also consider your power company or electric bill to find your everyday power needs.

In general, a small to medium-size US house averages 5,000 to 7,000 watts, several standby generators are sold with a minimum of 8,500 to 10,000-watt outputs.

Decide the Fuel Type

One of the essential things you need to figure out is deciding the fuel type for your standby generator. It is the crucial step towards selecting a good standby for your home.

It starts with identifying the fuel type.

Standby generators up to 22kW typically use natural gas (NG) or liquid propane (LP). Still, if you are searching for a generator that runs on diesel, you will need to step up to a liquid-cooled whole-house type.

The category will cost considerably more but are readily available in the market and is equipped with multiple distinguishing features.

Both LP and diesel fuels will require large tanks to run the generator properly, so never neglect the fuel storage issues. In the case of the natural gas meter and gas lines will need to be of the correct size.

Cooling Mechanism

You will find two types of cooling system in standby generators, water-cooled or air-cooled standby generators.

An air-cooled generator uses the air from the surroundings to cool its engine. It could be done passively by the surrounding air absorbing the heat and rising away from the generator.

Or it could also be carried out with “forced air cooling.” The second option will use a fan to blow air across the generator’s engine.

Air-cooled generators are not much compatible in the case of a longer run. It will not be suitable for the whole house applications because the cooling is not as efficient.

More consumptions and increased units are more likely to overheat the generator, and it will shut down automatically.

A liquid-cooled generator is capable of pumping coolant through the engine block. It absorbs heat from the engine before moving through a radiator. The coolant cools back off at the radiator, and then it is cycled through again.

The great thing about liquid-cooled generators is they can operate more efficiently. There is no fear of overheating in climates that regularly get above 100 degrees Fahrenheit.

Liquid-cooled generators are best for whole-house applications because these units are less likely to overheat.

Noise Level

The standby generator will likely be permanently stationed aside from the house. The inspection of the noise level is essential while selecting a generator.

Generally, the Generac brand whole house generators, as discussed above as well, run on the quieter side—65 dbA or less.

On the contrary, the other manufacturers’ models might run at 69 dbA or higher. Noise level consideration is essential before finalizing your decision about the standby generator for your home.

Placement of the whole house generator is also necessary because you will not want continuous loud noise right next to your bedroom or living room.

Benefits of Having Standby Generators

Backup Power For Your Entire Home

An excellent whole-house generator aims to backup essential appliances, including the air conditioner, refrigerator, and sump pump. The added capacity will give you peace of mind and resolve several issues.

You will not have to sacrifice your electrical needs during a power outage or take your house off-grid and becomes your only source of power, and a whole house generator will keep you running at total capacity.

Increased Power Capacity

The entire house generators typically have an even higher power capacity than standby generators ranging from 22 to 48kW.

These generators feature more significant, more powerful, and often liquid-cooled engines, so they can run for significantly longer without maintenance needs or overheating.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Most Reliable among all Home Standby Generators?

Among the different options, the one which proves to be the best overall is the Generac Guardian 24kW Standby Generator, Model 7209. It is an air-cooled generator and is typical for backup residential power.

It is the type of generator that offers simple maintenance and affordability. It is considered one of the most reliable standby generators. Another option that you can also consider is the Briggs Stratton 12,000 watts generator, as it is an ideal choice that ensures adequate power output for a small house.

Is a Kohler generator better than a Generac?

The Kohler models have better features and longer run times than the Generic products. But, they produce about 83% of the rated power of the Generac Models and are more than twice as expensive.

Hence Generic is the one more preferred by the users.

Are the standby generators worth the money?

When power outages strike as a homeowner, buying a generator could spare your financial losses, like food spoilage. People usually prefer a portable generator, and some look for a standby generator to cope with the energy crises.

Moreover, a standby generator is a significant investment if you work from home. It ensures you will not suffer a loss of income due to circumstances outside your control.

Who makes the quietest standby generator?

So, while 10dB is ten times as intense as 1dB, 60dB is one million times as extreme. Between the models compared, Generac produces the quietest 8kW and 12kW generators.

Among the 20kW generators we compared, Briggs & Stratton has the most silent generator.

Is Briggs and Stratton generator better than Generac?

A Generac standby generator will cost a little more than its Briggs & Stratton counterpart. Both are sturdy and well-built, but the Generac option is typically better than the Briggs-Stratton alternative.

Which generator is better, Cummins or Generac?

The Cummins Connect series is quieter than competitors like Generac. They have a more full and fulfilled warranty and a longer lifespan. You can expect a Cummins unit to last between 20-25 years with yearly maintenance.

How much does it cost to install a Generac 22kw generator?

Generac generators cost $2,000 to $5,000 for a 7 to 24 kW whole-house unit, plus $3,000 to $5,000 for installation. Generac’s automatic standby generators turn on automatically during power outages and run on natural gas or liquid propane.

What is the average cost to have a whole house generator installed?

Installation would cost $3,000 – $6,500. It includes the skilled labor required to install a backup generator around your home.

Materials range between $2,500 – $6,500. Installing an air-cooled generator requires a proper and adequate assortment of materials, including the generator itself.

How many watts do you need to run a house?

In a typical home, important things will average 5000 – 7500 watts of power to run. Running or rated watts are the continuous watts required to keep items running.

How loud is a 22kw Generac generator?

The Generac generators produce around 66 dB standing at 23 feet – a standard distance for measuring generator sound output – which isn’t exceptionally high.

That noise level compares to approximately 68 dB for air conditioners 20 feet away and 70 dB for washing machines at a similar distance.

How many kW Generac do I need?

Sum up the total Watts to determine how much power your home is likely to use during an outage. Multiply the Total Watts x 1000 to find kilowatts.

Multiply kilowatts x 1.25 to add a margin of safety and for future power needs. It is the minimum Generator Capacity required for your home.

Will a 30kw generator run my house?

The typical house will require about 25 to 40 kilowatts, so a 20kw generator is tiny. An average American home needs around 30 to 50 kilowatts of power for essential electrical needs.

To ensure that the house has enough electricity when the grid goes down, you will want at least a 30 kW generator.

How big of a house will a 22kw generator run?

A 22 kW generator will power a 3-4,000 square foot house. It will run the HVAC equipment and the washer or oven simultaneously.

Ensure the propane lasts longer and more effectively by selectively choosing the use of appliances while the generator is in operation.

Where should a whole house generator be located?

In addition to federal or local ordinances, there are standard regulations that the homeowners should follow.

For instance, most manufacturers state that your generator should always be located outside and placed at least five feet from doors, windows, vents, and flammable material. Whether you are setting up portable generators for short term use, you have to follow all the protocols in any case.

Do I need an electrician to install a generator?

Yes, it is something that only professionals can handle. For larger generators, particularly whole-house standby generators, you absolutely must have installation from a licensed professional electrician.

The large generators will power multiple systems in a house in case of a power outage. Hence, their installation is a different process that only a professional can tackle.

Can a car alternator power a house?

Yes, but it gets complicated and expensive. A standard car alternator is usually of 50 to 70amp at 12v. It is only about 4 amps. There are very few devices in your house you can power this way.

Final Words

Best standby generators are there in the market. We have discussed in detail the buying guide. It will assist you in choosing the right option for your home. Moreover, you have been provided top 5 best standby generators.

That is not it, and these are not the only options. You can explore several other options as well. Keep in mind your requirements and choose accordingly. And do not forget your budget while finalizing your standby generator deal.

All these approaches and tactics will ensure hassle-free decision-making for you, and you will get the best power backup for your home.