Predator Generators Review: Are Predator Generators Worth Buying?

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Predator Generators Review

Admit it.

You’ve thought about buying a Predator generator for some time.

In fact, you have imagined using this generator for some time now as well.

And when you picture the immense power the generator delivers, you feel the pride of owning it someday. But how do you know which Predator Generator to buy? Of course, you need to read Predator Generators Reviews.

The good news is, in this article, we share with you the top 5 Predator generators reviews on the market today. Most importantly, we go into a great length, discussing their performance and functionality. We even have the in-depth reviews that you can read if you want to get into the finer details of each generator.

Since there’s no perfect generator on the market, we share with you the benefits and the limitations you can expect when buying these generators. That way, you will have more knowledge to choose whether a generator is worth your investment or not.

But before we get ahead of ourselves, let’s look at the factors we paid attention to when choosing these 5 Predator Generators.

What Makes Predator Generators Popular

When blackouts set in, it leads to numerous inconveniences at home, travels, or work. For instance, some appliances like a refrigerator, freezer, and more plus a cold room, need constant electricity to prevent damages and wastage.

Also, if you are traveling and staying in a hotel, a power outage disrupts most of the activities. All of these problems can be avoided by using a generator from a reliable brand such as the Predator Generator.

A Predator Generator has a travel-friendly design usually weighing around 30 pounds (14 kg). Some are quite heavy with a weight over 100 pounds (45.36 kg) perfect for places that don’t need constant re-positioning. There is usually a correlation to generator watts and the weight of the generator. Just keep that in mind when you are thinking about how heavy of a generator you want to deal with.

Their style offers simple portability that is suitable for frequent travelers, BBQ fest, outdoor gathering, and camping. You can carry it to outdoor seminars that run through the night in places with electricity issues.

The other thing is the level of sound produced when the predator generators are running. You can get a quiet one than the others in the mark which produces less than 50 decibels, similar to a washing machine. Some go as high as 64 decibels that require a far distance to prevent disrupting the occupants, guests, and more people.

Typically, most predator generators have a 1-gallon capacity, others lower around 0.7 gallons (2.65 l), while the rest over 2 gallons (7.57 l). The larger the size of the reservoir, the higher the fuel it accommodates. Gas is the primary fuel source for tanks because of its easy accessibility. Although it can be found in most places, it is easily flammable and dangerous in large quantities.

The portable 5000-watt generator consumes approximately 18 gallons (68.14 l) in 24 hours. That means if you run for an extended time, it is expensive. Other models with a low wattage use between 1-2 gallons suitable for home use and lats 8 to 10 hours. The man disadvantage is that it cannot last more than five hours.

The newer models of the Predator generators have an eco-friendly structure. You can use them indoors or outdoors, not worrying about fumes and other harmful effects. The casing material is usually plastic to ensure easy maintenance.

A predator generator lets you continue with your activities and run other appliances efficiently. It acts as a power backup when the lights are out. You can use it for construction, outdoor parties, at home, campgrounds, tailgates, and in places with power outages.

Who makes the Predator Generators?

Harbor Freight appears to be the owner of the Predator Generators Brand.

How to Choose a Predator Generator?


A massive generator needs to have built-in wheels. Without a two-wheel design generator, you won’t be able to lift the generator. The fact that a generator is heavy, it can be hard lifting it without feels. Consider also its large handles because it needs to provide enough grip.

The number of outlets varies on which predator generator you choose. The majority will have between 4 to 6 outlets. All models have four 120v outlets. Best of all, these outlets have 20amp per outlet.

You can know this because of the extra hole perpendicular to the large prong. Bear in mind that, a generator that has a high output will need you to have an extension cord that can handle the power capacity. For instance, if you have a lamp or charging a phone, this will be unnecessary.


Every predator generator on this list has a solid feel. Its parts are welded together, and the bolts are firm. That means the whole unit won’t be wobbling when the generator is running.

Wobbling will cause some parts to loosen and dislodge. While we are still on the subject of durability, the only complaint we have is the wheel kit.

Most of their generator doesn’t come with high-quality wheels. We wish the generator had rubber wheels that will go upstairs with ease.

Ease of Use

Operating a predator generator is super easy. The thing you need to do is flip the switch button, turn the level to the left, and finally pull the ripcord.

Doing so makes the generator start immediately. Once you have done that, you need to throw it to the choke and then wait for the rev up.

The same procedure will apply to every predator generator on our list. The only thing we find to be large is the carburetor compared to some of the generators in the market.

There’s only one challenge you will have. It can be challenging to start the generator if you live in a cold climate.

Safety Feature

If a generator is not handled well with the utmost care, it might lead to accidents and injuries. The good news is,  most predator generators come with safety features in mind. For instance, each generator is enclosed in a steel roll cage, which means, there is no component exposed.

The generator also has a low oil feature shutdown that protects the engine when the oil is low. Most importantly, the feature also alerts you when you need to do a refill.

Noise Level

Generators are always loud. The advantage of the predator generator is that most of them are inverter generators. That means they are efficient and are not noisy.

When buying a generator, it is recommended that you check the noise level. That way, you won’t be disturbing your neighbors or animals with the noise. The fortunate thing is, most predator generators have between 50 to 75 decibels.

Predator Generators Comparison Table

Top Predator Generators Reviews

1.  Predator 2000 – 62523 Inverter Generator – Portable

A-iPower SUA2000iV 2000 Watt Portable Inverter Generator Quiet Operation, Lightweight

The Predator 2000 is among the best generator in the market. This model is light and operates slowly. If you are a camper who is always worried about their flashlights and cell phones, you don’t have to worry about that anymore because the predator is great.

The predator delivers 2000 watts as a starting watt and 1600 watts as operating watts that means, you can use it to power devices like a space heater and electric kettle.

Since it runs on 79.7cc OHV engine, it has plenty of power to meet your requirement if you are a casual user. Since the generator runs silently, you won’t have disturbing noises from the neighbors or animals when camping.

The area where the generator has an edge in is fuel efficiency. At 50% capacity, this generator will run for 6.5 hours. One thing you have to understand is that the generator has a small fuel tank that runs on gasoline. Gasoline is cheap, and that makes even maintenance to be a budget friend.

At only 48lbs, which is almost the same size as regular petrol can. You’ll love its weight capability and portability design. That means you can smoothly go with it on any outdoor expeditions and endeavors.

The extra RV parallel connection enables you to connect it with another generator. Since it is an inverter generator, you’ll have a stable continuous flow of electricity, which eliminates the risk of short circuits.


  • Durable bold
  • Easy to operate
  • Easy to maintain


  • Small fuel tank
  • low power supply
  • Slow startup process
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2.  Predator 8750 Generator

Are you looking to run multiple electronics, then you will understand that a normal generator will not impress you that much. That said, you need to buy a premium generator. No better generator can tackle that work rather than a predator 8750.

As earlier advertised, the generator comes with 8750 as peak watts, and 7000 was running watts. With this massive capacity of energy, you can power multiple accessories. Besides that, this generator allows you to use on devices such as drilling machines, air compressors, electronics, saw run, refrigerator, and microwave.

A notable feature of the Predator 8750 Generator is the roll cage. It is built to last and has an excellent grip, which makes carrying the generator easier. Since its weight is too much, you may need a person to assist you. Apart from this, filling the generator with oil has to be adhered to.

You can refill this generator quickly thanks to the cap located on the top. You can check inside to see its oil level. Besides that, it also comes with a fuel indicator that notifies you when you need to refill the generator.

The generator has a 4200cc/13HP air-cooled OHV gas engine. This capability makes it run for 12 hours at 50% capacity making it ideal for large projects. The generator is also considered safe thanks to its UL listed breakers which enhance safe operation

What’s more, its auto-shutoff feature shuts off the engine immediately when it senses low oil in the generator. This protects the generator’s engine from breaking down. For those looking for a heavy-duty generator that will last you for long, look no further.

The generator weighs 192 pounds (87.09 kg), which means a lot of things to the average user. First, it is a bit heavy, and you’ll need two people if you are going to lift it. Besides that, the generator can power lots of appliances;

  • Two 120v/20A duplex outlets (3-prong)
  • One 120v/20A twist-lock outlet(3-prong)
  • One 240V/30A lock outlet (4-prong) and are 12DC outlet


  • Well-built
  • Runs for long hours
  • Excellent power


  • Heavy
  • Noisy
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3.  Predator 3500 Watt Super Quiet Generator

While the Predator 3500 watts won’t be sufficient for powering your home, it’s an excellent inverter generator for a planned outdoor event.

The inclusion of wheels into this generator makes it a helpful attribute on the model. Another great advantage this generator has is its fuel-efficiency because it never needs 3 gallons (11.36 l) for it to run throughout the day.

Its overload protection keeps your electronic safe so that it doesn’t tip or overheat. That means sensitive devices like smartphones, tablets, and laptops will remain safe while using power.

The model kicks out 212cc air-cooled, OHV gas engineer. It comes with a 4-gallon wheel design and handles. With this design, you can use it on a camping trip or tailgating event. The generator provides a low decibel of only 57db, making it quite for its small size.

With 11hours  run time at 25% capacity, you will have ample power to overcome any unexpected situation. A low noise level will keep you at peace, and you won’t be worried when camping in the woods.

A great thing to note about this generator is you can use it anywhere. Since it adapts easily to any environment, where you may need it the most. The generator will run for 9 hours at 50% capacity.

The operation of this generator is swift thanks to the LCD display. You can view the oil level, reduce the noise, and maintenance intervals. So easy and simple, that your wife can use it.

The generator delivers 3500 as starting watts and 3000 as operating watts. That’s enough to keep your fridge running uninterrupted for long hours. Since this is an inverter generator, it only gives out clean energy. Clean energy means, it is safe to operate delicate appliances

The generator weighs 115, which is a bit heavy for one person who wants to lift it. That said, always lift the generator if you are two people unless you are handy. Like most high-end generators, this one will come with an electric push button, which makes starting it a  no-brainer.

To meet your power needs, the generator throws out six horsepower which means, you do not need to worry about power shortages. The generator has the following outlets:

  • 120v AC
  • 12v DC output voltage
  • One DC-12v two-pin outlet


  • Safe to use because of the electric overload protection and spark arrestor
  • Manual and electric start
  • Easy to use and maintain
  • Fuel efficiency


  • Small budget
  • Power surges
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4.  Predator 4000/3200 Generator

4000 Peak/3200 Running Watts, 6.5 HP (212cc) Generator EPA III SpecialThe Predator 4000 is similar to 8750. From the name, you will know that the wattage is 4000, which is the peak and 3200, which is the operating watt.

All this wattage combine to deliver a 6.5 horsepower. Its compatibility is vital in that; it can accommodate spare parts from other generators. Moving with the generator around is a lot easier because of its wheels and a roll cage which eliminates the need to help.

The generator gets energy from 212cc, 6.5HP engine which makes it run for 10hours while operating at 50% capacity. What that means is, you can run it for a long time. Best of all, The generator is portable because of its 99 pounds (44.91 kg) of weight.

The generator is powerful besides its safety to use. Its low oil indicator and low oil shutdown work together to alert you when the oil is low. What’s more, they also protect the engine from shutdown or blowing off when the oil is low. The generator has the following outlets:

  • Two 120v/20A duplex outlets (3-prong)
  • One 240/30A twist lock outlets (4-prong)
  • One 12v DC outlet

More to that, this is a heavy-duty steel roll cage that withstands pressure while preventing the engine from functioning. Since it comes with a top-mounted fuel tank, it will be easier to refill it with oil. The generator is user-friendly because it has an on/off switch, circuit breaker, outlet receptacle, and low oil warning.

As a top-rated predator generator, it is worth buying the generator for its ease of operation, portability, and durability. Its EPH certifications ensure you’ll get lots of powers when you need it.

Its red and black color is sleek and well-finished. The generator has a gas fuel tank mounted on top which is next to the control panel. Its carburetor and spark plugs are easy to clean.

Since this generator doesn’t have a wheel kit, you may have to buy it separately. That also means since it weighs around 128 pounds (58.06 kg), moving around with it may be challenging. The other limitation is, its oil-fill is not convenient.

That said, if you want to pour oil into the unit, you have to use a funnel that has an extended nozzle. What’s more, drawing the oil is a bit cumbersome, you will have to tilt the generator. Since the unit doesn’t have an oil drain plug, maintenance is not easy.


  • Easy to use
  • Well-built
  • Control panel
  • Long run time


  • 128 pound (58.06 kg) which is a bit heavy
  • No oil drain plug
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5. Predator 9000w Generator

This is a super powerful generator with an incomparable power to handle anything you have on its way. That said, it can qualify as a whole house generator, job site generator, or RV camping generator. The unit throws out, 7,250 running watts and has a peak watt of 9,000 watts, which makes it a superior backup power to have at home.

Expect the generator to work with multiple high energy units like air conditioning. Despite its having this immense power, you’ll be surprised at how portable the unit is. It comes with a formidable portable handle on the generator’s frame which helps with moving.

Additionally, the generator produces 76db, which means that it’s only loud like a washing machine. Besides that, it’s also one of the safest generators thanks to the low oil shutdown feature which makes shutting down easier when the engine is low.

The generator comes with a parallel connection, which means, you connect with another Predator 9000w Generator to generate more power, if you really need that.

Its low oil shutdown and electric overload protector enables the generator to go off to protect the engine when the power is low.

What you will like is that it can detect a power overload to prevent it from damage. The unit has a 420cc 13HP air-cooled 0HV gas engine that runs for 13 hours at a 50% load capacity.

Its engine is enclosed to make the generator safe from high-impact housing and elements that may cause damage to some parts. The unit weighs around 200 pounds (0.17 t), which is a bit heavy for one person to pull it alone.

The generator also comes with an electric push start for starting the generator. The generator has a lot of outlets like:

  • Four 120v outlets
  • One 120v twist lock outlet
  • One 240 twist lock outlets
  • One 12v DC outlets


  • Perfect for both homes and business
  • Delivers up to 7,250 watts continuous
  • Has impact housing
  • Has GFCI outlets


  • Expensive
  • Heavy and bulky
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After reading these Predator Generator Reviews you can see that Predator Generators are some of the best portable generators on the market today. They have incredible power performance. They shine in the design department. Best of all, they are all equipped with safety features to keep them safe for you.

The area where these generators shine the most is the durability department. We love the casing and the construction of all its parts.

The manufacturer made sure that all these generators can withstand the abuse, whether you are using them at home, job sites, and RV camping.

That said, these generators are worthy of your investment if you will buy them because of their incredible power and durability.

Before you make your final decision, you should understand how to properly size your generator for your needs.

We hope you liked our Predator Generators Review. Let us know your thoughts!