Predator Inverter Generator 3500 Review

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Predator Generator Inverter 3500

Different Predator Generators come with different features, designs, and technical specifications. Therefore, there is a significant difference between an inverter generator and a conventional portable generator. Inverter generators are more energy-efficient, quieter, and run longer. These generators also come with more advanced safety features and technology that provide an excellent level of performance. Inverter generators are ideal for supplying household power and outdoor uses such as camping, tailgate parties, and powering RVs. The predator generator 3500 features advanced inverter technology that ensures it is super-quiet and can produce power that is safe with sensitive electronics. Predator Generator 3500 also comes with an efficient design that allows it to produce more power while consuming a little fuel.

The Predator 3500 produces 3500 watts surge power and 3000 watts continuous power. This generator also comes with a parallel kit that allows you to connect two units to double the power. With the connecting feature, this predator model is versatile and suitable for both light and mid-sized loads. Apart from the features mentioned above, the Predator Generator 3500 boasts other basic features that you would expect from an inverter generator like portability, low THD, and quiet running.

Here’s an outline of what we’ll discuss in the Predator Generator 3500 review:

  • First, we’ll highlight the main features and benefits of this generator
  • Next, we’ll share the drawbacks that might be of interest to you
  • Then, we will give a brief history of the Harbor Freight Company and Predator generator brand
  • Finally, we will provide samples of independent and actual customer reviews to ensure you learn more about the product.

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Features and Benefits of Predator 3500W Inverter Generator 

  • Clean Power curve output making it ideal for powering sensitive electronics and supplying household emergency power
  • Efficient design for extra power with relatively lower fuel consumption
  • Parallel cable compatible for doubling your power output
  • Built-in cast wheels for enhanced portability
  • Fully enclosed unit to ensure the model is super quiet and also protect the interior
  • Throttle switch for enhanced fuel and energy efficiency
  • Copper components making for extra durability
  • Equipped with RV 30-amp adapter
  • LCD digital screen to monitor output indicators and oil overload
  • Automatic low oil shutdown
  • Electric start
  • Includes overload protection for personal safety
  • Compact dimensions: 22.75” x 17.30” x 20.00”
  • Item weight: 99.20 pounds
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Special Features (Pros) of Predator 3500 Inverter Generator

Advanced Inverter Technology: The Predator Generator 3500 is super-quiet and produces a clean power curve output that makes it even safe to power sensitive electronics. Nothing is frustrating than having a noisy generator power a TV or other household appliances.

Parallel Cable Compatible: This feature by Predator allows you to connect two units using the parallel kit, which enables you to double the power output. This makes the generator more versatile and suitable for a wide range of applications, including RVing and an independent contractor’s power.

Built-in Sensor: Inverter generators boast of a great performance level, but it is risky to have them power sensitive electronics in your home without the necessary safety features. The Predator 3500 Watt Inverter Generator comes with a built-in sensor that detects when carbon monoxide builds up to harmful levels. This safety feature triggers an automatic shutoff of the machine if the build-up reaches harmful levels.

Throttle switch: Just like other inverter generators, the Predator 3500 Watt Generator throttles the engine electronically to ensure that it meets the demand without running at full tilt throughout. With the energy efficiency feature, you can use Predator 3500 for an extended time, and you won’t have to refuel as often.

Intuitive Control Panel: The Predator 3500W model comes with an intuitive control panel that includes an LCD digital screen. Apart from the digital screen, the control panel features a 12V DC outlet for charging car batteries, a 120V twist lock, two 120V grounded outlets, and power outlets. Moreover, each outlet has its own circuit breaker while the unit has a low fuel shutdown feature that automatically switches off the generator for enhanced safety.

LCD Digital Screen: The screen is placed on the control panel, and it allows you to monitor output energy indicators and oil overload. Apart from the digital display, the control panel also includes a button that enables you to change to the eco mode which makes Predator energy efficient.

Fully Enclosed Design: The design helps protect the interior components from any physical or mechanical damage. It also helps make the gas-powered unit super-quiet, thus reducing irritating noise.

Longer Runtime: Unlike most units from other brands in its category, the Predator generator 3500 offers impressive runtime of up to 11 hours with a full tank while operating at 50% load capacity. Therefore, the 3500 watts generator provides a reliable power source that can keep your essentials, such as a small space heater or lighting on throughout the night.

Portability: Portability is one of the most convincing selling points when it comes to this particular model. The predator generator 3500 weighs about 100 pounds, and it also includes four wheels and two handles to enable two people to spread the weight between two people for easier maneuvering. Most inverter generators in this category come with two wheels, which makes it relatively hard to move them around with such a load.

Drawbacks (Cons) for Predator 3500W Inverter Generator 

Relatively Small Gas Tank: With the small gas tank, the generator offers limited run time compared to some models. It also limits the application of the predator generator 3500 when it comes to powering some functions.

Does Not Include a Remote Start: A remote start offers more convenience and also allows you to control the generator while handling other tasks. Besides, it would also make the unit easy to operate since any person can press a remote for starting it.

Considerably Heavy: Predator generators are relatively heavy as compared to other popular brands like Yamaha and Honda. Therefore, if you plan to take it for camping, you should be ready for heavy lifting where their wheels can’t be used.

Relatively Expensive: Predator 3500W Inverter Generator comes with many great features, but it is considerably expensive compared to some items in its category.

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About the Harbor Freight Tools Company

Harbor Freight is a family-owned company launched in 1977 to ensure that they provide working people with affordable and reliable tools. Eric Smidt has been the CEO of Harbor Freight for the last 27 years. With his leadership and the support of about 20,000 workers, the company has grown fast to be one of the leading tools retailers in the United States. The company boasts of many tools, including the Predator 3500 Watts Inverter Generator, and over twenty million satisfied customers across the globe. Today, it has over 1000 stores across the US, and each is a one-stop-shop/outlet for a wide range of great quality tools at competitive prices.

Predator 3500W Inverter Generator Reviews

While considering the key features and benefits is essential, it is also advisable to take time and go through real-an-actual customer’s reactions after using the product. We have selected reviews that focus on the Predator 3500W Inverter Generator, offering feedback from reviewers and product users on independent review sites and Amazon.

Independent Reviews and Recommendations for Predator 3500W 

BEUP! Reviews 

According to this review site, the predator 3500 model is ideal for all your outdoor needs, including recreational needs, RV, and DIY tools. The review also mentions that the model is a perfect unit for emergencies as it can power your essentials at once. Apart from that, the review also notes that the model works harder to provide enough power without impeding your “ability to enjoy nature.” The review site also sees this unit as a 3500 watts generator that can fit all your needs by providing enough power without impeding your ability to enjoy the tranquility that nature offers.  It also refers to the unit as a portable and functional model. Read more

Best Generator Review

The independent review site refers to the unit as a versatile and considerably quiet inverter generator. It also mentions that the predator 3500 model allows you to use a parallel kit to connect it with a similar unit making it perfect for both light and mid-size loads. Not only this, the review notes that the Predator 3500W Generator scores highly on all the basic features associated with an inverter generator. These include portability, low THD, and quiet running. The site also mentions that the unit “functions well in most settings, including camping, RVing, tailgating, and works well even for an independent contractor.” Read more

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What Amazon Customers Have to Say About the Predator 3500W Inverter Generator

The model is relatively new in the market, so it has very few customer reviews though most of them are positive.

One verified buyer refers to the unit’s price as “excellent” as it is less than $700 at Harbor Freight. The purchaser notes that the model is as good as units from popular brands like Yamaha, Honda, and Champion, but comes at a relatively affordable price. He also claims to have used the generator for two years with his RV, and it has managed to fit all their electrical needs. The verified reviewer also calls it “super quiet” and claims that it works well in running all their appliances, including lights, AC, refrigerator, vacuum, and microwave, without any issues. However, he complains about the lack of a fuel gauge.

Another verified customer calls the inverter generator “super quiet” and shares his experience of witnessing the model being used by the DJ at a wedding he had attended. He recalls that the generator was able to power the DJ and all the lights, and he was amazed at how quiet the unit was. According to his story, the DJ set the generator 10 feet from the booth, and the customer thought that its sound would overpower the music, but he notes that he was indeed wrong.

A different verified purchaser calls it “Awesome Product.” He also claims to have tested the inverter generator by himself during prolonged home blackouts. The reviewer also notes that Predator 3500W fits their electrical needs seamlessly and simultaneously. Finally, he also mentions that the generator is worth every penny but notes that it goes for a lower price on Harbor Freight.

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Bottom Line

If you are looking for a relatively affordable generator that meets all your outdoor needs, the Predator 3500W Inverter Generator is a perfect option for you. The model is suitable for a wide range of applications, including running your RV, recreational needs, or your DIY tools. Moreover, the 3500W model features inverter technology that makes it more powerful and safer than conventional generators. The generator offers 3500 peak watts that provide enough power to power essentials regardless of whether you are using it run power tools in your workplace or outdoor recreation.

Harbor Freight is a popular brand in the power equipment industry due to its reliability and, most importantly, its efficiency. The Harbor Freight Predator 3500 unit offers just 500 watts difference between the continuous power and the surge wattage, enabling you to easily estimate the appliances that it can run. The unit is also equipped with inverter technology, making it a suitable off-grip power source for camping, tailgating, and RVs. Many reviewers from various parts of the globe recommend this portable unit, and we can’t blame them.