Predator Generator 8750 Review – A Great Portable Generator Option

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Predator 8750 generator

If you are a professional who wants to ensure that you continue working even after a power failure or an RV traveler who wants to improve their experience, the Predator Generator 8750 is a great option. The 8750W generator model by Predator is a heavy-duty unit designed to meet high power requirements in various areas. This generator features a powerful engine that guarantees 13 horsepower and 700 running watts, making it an excellent solution when there is a power outage. At 50% capacity, the 420cc air-cooled OHV gas engine provides a runtime of up to 12 hours. With the heavy-duty engine, the 8750 watts generator can be used to power several houses or farmhouses.

However, the Predator 8750 generator can be relatively expensive compared to other generator brands that provide the same power and capacity. This means that this inverter generator option could be a little costly for some people, but it is advisable to purchase one with great features and warranty. Unlike conventional generators, the 8750 generator unit can be used for various applications, including farm applications, power backup, recreation, job sites, and starting up low-voltage equipment, while requiring very low maintenance.

Here is a rundown of what we’ll cover in this Predator 8750W Generator  review:

  • First, we’ll highlight the key features and benefits of the 8750 generator
  • Next, we’ll share drawbacks you might find useful
  • Then, we’ll share about the Harbor Freight Tools Company and the Predator Generator Brand
  • Finally, we’ll offer a sampling of independent and actual customer reviews to provide you with a better and fair perception of the product.

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Features and Benefits of Predator 8750W Generator

  • A powerful engine that produces 8750 starting watts and 7000 running watts
  • A versatile design that makes it ideal for several functions and applications
  • Compact and adorable design that helps save on space and enhances its portability
  • Comes with a steel frame to offer protection to the internal components
  • An energy-efficient engine that shuts off automatically when oil is low to prevent any damage.
  • Compact dimensions: L26.9 x W22 x H22.8 inches
  • Easy to operate
  • Quick start
  • Safe and reliable
  • Weighs under a total of 200 pounds
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Special Features (Pros) of Predator 8750W Generator

Compact Design: The unit comes with a compact, adorable design that does not reflect the amount of power that the unit produces. It is easy to think that the 8750 generator is a big unit considering that it produces 7000 running watts, but it features a compact design in the real sense. Apart from the adorable design, the unit is designed with a steel frame that guards the internal components against any external impact.

Energy Efficient: The generator comes with a 420cc air-cooled OHV gas engine, which means that it consumes a little fuel, so you won’t have to consume a gallon every time you run it. It also has a safety feature that shuts the engine down automatically when the oil is low to protect it. The unit has a 6.6 gallons capacity that allows it to run half a day while providing power to several appliances.

Versatile: Just like other Predator generators, the 8750W unit is also very adaptable. Therefore, you can depend on it for a wide range of functions as it is also reliable and versatile. The generator offers a great solution whenever an emergency arises for power backup and provides power when you plan to go on a road trip.

Powerful Engine: The 8750 watts unit comes with a powerful engine that includes multiple outlets. It features two 120V, 0ne 240V, 3 prong 20A duplex outlets, 3 prong 20A twist lock outlets, 4 prong 30A twist-lock outlet, and a 12V DC outlet. The generator is also designed with circuit breakers that meet UL specifications, making it one of the best models in the market.

Quick Start: The other exciting feature that comes with this unit is its relatively short start-up time. In this case, you will be required to pull the ripcord steadily to start it. However, the unit comes with an electric start that you can also choose to use once you acquire a battery separately as it is not included in the package.

Easy To Operate: Unlike using some brands, the Predator 8750 unit is designed with the user in mind, which means you will not experience any difficulties while operating it. The generator comes with a friendly interface that does not require any qualifications to control it. Besides, the unit has a user manual that you can use to check anything that is not clear or what you miss out on the interface.

Durable: The Predator unit features a sturdy construction that ensures that you get great value for your money. It is not good to choose low-quality units that will cause you to spend lots of money and time on repairs. The generator also comes with a steel frame that protects the delicate internal components, which means that the unit will last longer if you handle it well.

Drawbacks (Cons) for Predator 8750W Generator

Not Budget Friendly: The Predator 8750W generator is a powerful unit that relatively affordable compared to some engines, but the fact is that this model is not affordable for all people. Remember, you will need to buy the electric starter battery and the wheel kit separately, translating to additional cost.

Bulky: As much as the unit comes with a compact and adorable design, its weight is one of the major concerns if you intend to be moving it around often. It weighs 183 pounds, which means that it is slightly heavier than its predecessor. Therefore, if you need to frequently move the generator around, this may not be the ideal option.

Noisy: The 8750W model is relatively noisy (76dBA) compared to other brands during its operation. Consequently, the Predator generator may not offer a perfect solution if you intend to use it in a place that needs tranquility.

No Remote Start: With the advancement of technology, some models come with a remote start feature that helps enhance their convenience and functionality. A remote start would come in handy, especially for this unit since it is on the noisy side, which means it should be placed a distance away.

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About the Harbor Freight Tools Company

Harbor Freight Tools is a California-based and family-owned company that deals with electric tools and other working equipment. The company was started in 1977 by Allan Smidt and his son Eric Smidt, who later became its chief executive officer. It has opened lots of stores across the US as it currently operates over 1000 retail stores. One of the brand’s popular products is the Predator series generators, which feature an advanced technology that ensures you get a highly adaptable, powerful, energy-efficient unit. Apart from power and versatility, Harbor Freight generators are also known to be super quiet, safe, and reliable than other brands.

Predator 8750W Generator Reviews

It is good to consider the features and benefits of any product before purchasing it, but looking at real-and-actual customers’ opinion provides a better insight into the product. Here we’ve hand-selected reviews that focus on the Predator 8750W Generator to offer feedback from reviewers and product users on independent review sites and on Amazon.

Independent Reviews and Recommendations for Predator 8750W Generator

Portable Energy Gurus

This review site refers to this unit as a heavy-duty engine designed to provide high power requirements. It also mentions that the generator offers 13 horsepower and 700 running watts, making it a perfect solution during a power outage. According to the review site, the Predator 8750W features a 420cc air-cooled engine that provides a runtime of up to 12 hours at 50% capacity. Their review states that the unit is energy efficient and includes an engine that automatically shuts down when the oil is low to protect it against any damage. Not only is the unit powerful and reliable, but it also features a compact, adorable design that includes a sturdy construction and steel frame to guard the inner components. Read more…

Generator Bible

According to this review site, this unit is an open frame portable generator that provides 8750W starting wattage and 7000W rated /running wattage. It also refers to the model as a portable generator suitable for food truck drivers who want to ensure their businesses are not interrupted. Besides, the site also considers the unit to be ideal for RV travelers who dream of enhancing their experience and professional who wish to ensure that their working continues even after a power outage. It also mentions that the unit comes with a conventional pull-start mechanism that includes an excellent electric starter. One mention is that this unit does not include the battery and the wheel kit. Read more…

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What Amazon Customers Have to Say About the Predator 8750W Generator

The unit has received very few reviews on Amazon since it is relatively new in the market. However, most of the reviews are positive, which means that the generator is highly recommended.

One verified buyer refers to this generator as “a solid unit” that perfectly runs the whole house. He also confesses to having bought the generator as a backup for his old farmhouse with three buildings. He wanted a powerful unit that would power the heat pump, freezer, and refrigerator. He also mentions that he lives in a place where there are frequent power outages, making his decision even more logical. At first, he used his car jumpstart battery to start the unit as it required a bit of cranking to get the fuel system working, but from that, the subsequent starts were almost instant. The customer was also amazed by how easy it was to start the model with the pull rope, making him feel the electric start could be less necessary.

Another review claims that he didn’t acquire his 8750W generator from Amazon, but the brand’s website though he buys a lot from the platform. He calls this unit “an awesome generator” that offers excellent power to run a whole 1400 sq. ft. home. He also mentions that the unit will be able to meet the 60 Amp mark that was provided by the 60 AMP main panel that was in homes back-in-the-day. The review states that any licensed electrician can depend on this unit to safely run their houses without the fear of back-feeding the power grid without posing a threat to those working on power failure.

A different purchaser calls the unit an “awesome generator that offers great value for money.” The customer mentions that he has a 9,000 sq ft house equipped with a 13-ton a/c unit. He says that the generator could run the rest of the appliances and electronics in his home, including freezers, refrigerators, lights, fans, and portable A/C units. However, it could not power the A/C unit. According to him, the model provided an uninterrupted power supply for ten consecutive days after Hurricane Irma caused a severe power outage. However, he confesses to having changed the oil once, and he also mentions that owns Predator units of different sizes.

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Bottom Line

If you are in the market for a generator that can run multiple high voltage appliances, the 8750 model offers a great option. The Predator 8750W generator comes with a reliable and energy-efficient engine that allows you to enjoy uninterrupted power supply whenever there is a power outage. Moreover, the high capacity generator stands out from the competition of other portable generators from other brands. It is also equipped with a feature that shuts the engine down whenever the oil level is low to protect it from potential damage.

The Predator generator series has been one of the most reliable and durable portable generators for high capacity needs. Many reviewers from across the globe recommend the 8750W unit, and after checking the reviews and features, it is easy to know why. The generator might not completely fill the gap after a power outage, but it can ensure that you get an uninterrupted supply of power in your home, work, and RVs.