Honda EX1000 Generator Review

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Honda EX1000 Generator

The Honda EX series is over two decades old, but these workhorses are still popular and relevant to this day. Even though the younger and fresher generators from Honda EU and EG series may be a bit more powerful (and to some extent even more versatile), they still have ways to go before coming close to the reliability and consistency of EX generators.

Today we are going to talk at length about the Honda EX1000 Generator – one of the most reliable light-duty power generators on the market. We’ll discuss its features, fortes, and shortcomings, so let’s get straight to it.

Honda EX1000 in a nutshell

Basically, Honda EX1000 is a lightweight, compact generator that offers 1,000 watts of surge power, a small, portable frame, and enough durability to endure decades of use and abuse.

The fact that more modern models are still using the same design as EX1000 tells volumes about its practicality and functionality in the field. Its connectivity is considered mediocre by today’s standards, but it was among the game-changers that offered multiple outlet types at the time.

Its portability and affordability are the main benefits it brings to the table. The Honda EX1000 was marketed as a low-end generator ever since it first came out, and its approachable price is what makes it so attractive today.

The suitcase design has been replicated (and vastly improved) ever since the 2000s; it offers superior compactness and portability, especially because EX1000 is remarkably lightweight.

Who is the Honda EX1000 ideal for?

The compact size and weight of the Honda EX1000 make it suitable for any occasion where an abundance of wattage power isn’t required – camping, tailgating, and so on. Additionally, it can also be used as an RV backup generator.

Now, the fact that it only packs a 1,000-watt punch means that it can’t be efficiently used for most industrial tasks. If you are looking for a construction-site generator, you should take a look at Honda’s EB series.

It weighs approximately 57.3 pounds, so it’s fair to say that lighter 1KW generators exist, but it’s still excellent for camping.  Furthermore, it comes supplied with an integrated carry handle that you can use to easily move it from place to place.

Even though it’s too weak to be a reliable backup home generator, the Honda EX1000 generator can be used to power smaller appliances, such as laptops, smartphones, tablets, PCs, and such.

Honda EX1000 Specifications

The specs are the little details that the naked eye might miss – by being acquainted with them you’ll be able to gain better insight regarding EX1000’s performance in different spheres. These are the most important and notable features of the Honda EX1000:


  • Dimensions: 16.9 inches by 11.2 inches by 15.4 inches
  • Weight: 57.3 pounds


  • Type: 4-stroke side-valve single-cylinder engine
  • Engine speed: 3,600 rotations per minute
  • Cooling system: Forced air-cooling mechanism
  • Ignition system: Transistorized magneto
  • Fuel reservoir capacity: 3.1 liters


  • Rated voltage: 120 V
  • Rated frequency: 60 Hz
  • Rated Amperage: 7.5 A
  • Rated watts: 900 W
  • Maximum watts: 1,000 W
  • DC output: 12V batteries

Honda EX1000 Generator Design

In essence, the Honda EX1000 generator is a small, portable generator that is far sturdier than it looks. It packs an encased design, which means that the motor is safely tucked inside, shielded from physical harm.

Furthermore, this type of design makes it substantially safer to use in comparison to open-frame generators. However, this makes the maintenance process a bit harder in turn.

The frame of EX1000 is constructed of robust plastic material; its hardware is also top-notch and exceptionally durable. Sadly, it doesn’t feature retractable legs and the handle is affixed to its top side.

Honda EX1000 Generator size and storage

The Honda EX1000 Generator features dimensions that measure 430 mm by 285 mm by 390 mm. In inches, these dimensions measure 16.9 by 11.2 by 15.4. Essentially, it’s among the tiniest 1KW compact generators, as well as one of the most rewarding models in terms of storage.

Its small size and footprint will allow you to store it pretty much anywhere, without needing to have a designated space while its weight and built-in handle will help you easily relocate it.

The built-in handle is not retractable, though, and it makes the generator a bit taller, which is its only size-based flaw.

Honda EX1000 Generator Engine and Performance

One of the best features that the Honda EX1000 Generator comes supplied with is the 4-stroke 97cc engine. In plain words, it’s remarkably strong and fast for a light-duty generator, but the biggest benefit it offers is reliability.

First of all, the engine of EX1000 offers 3,600 rotations per minute, which is nearly twice as much in comparison to light-duty generators in the same price point category. Furthermore, it packs the forced air-cooling system, which helps keep its performance peak for longer periods.

The only drawback of the engine this generator is supplied with is that its original spark plug is relatively hard to find these days. Namely, this generator is supplied with the BR4HS spark plug, although it is also compatible with W14FR-U models. Bosch offers a variety of alternatives, though, such as W8AC, WR10A, and STK 7502.

Honda EX1000 Generator Fuel compatibility

EX1000 works on gasoline, which puts it at a disadvantage in comparison to newer propane generator and diesel generator Honda models. Obviously, hybrid-fuel generators and inverter generators are superior to it too.

On the brighter side, its fuel economy is excellent. It packs a 3.1-liter fuel reservoir and a 0.43-liter oil tank.

Honda EX1000 Generator Connectivity

Before we evaluate the connectivity aspect of EX1000’s performance we should note that this is a 20-year old generator model. Nearly all Honda generators that succeeded it have surpassed it in this field, offering parallel and USB connectors – this type of technology was relatively new at the time, so it’s obvious that EX1000 wasn’t designed with features that would cater to it.

This generator features two 120V slots, which is fairly typical for a 1,000-watt generator. However, what was not as ordinary during the 2000s was the plastic cover feature installed on both receptacles. This is also the reason why Honda EX1000 is as reliable and safe to use as it is.

Another great feature of the Honda EX1000 generator is the 12V DC slot meant for automotive batteries. Overall, its connectivity can be considered ’average’ by today’s standards.

Honda EX1000 Generator noise

Compact generators, especially models with small wattage strength, are generally quiet. However, this is not a rule set in stone, and a huge number of models built around the time when EX1000 came to the stage were very noisy.

Petrol generators are typically louder than gas, propane, and diesel generators. However, EX1000 is quieter due to the forced air cooling system. Even though its engine rotates 3,600 times per minute, it’s still quieter than most generators with similar wattage.

Honda EX1000 most notable benefits

Although modern generator types have taken over the market, the Honda EX1000 remained relevant even two decades after its release. Its benefits are numerous, and we’ll include only the most notable and impactful ones:

  1. Excellent price – it was cheap twenty years ago and still is among the most affordable Honda generators
  2. Compact convenience – since it’s only 16.9 inches tall, EX1000 is remarkably easy to store. It weighs approximately 57.3 pounds and can be held by hand
  3. Quiet performance – Honda’s EX1000 features advanced air-cooling technology that prevents petrol from sizzling at high temperatures
  4. Strong engine – the 97CC engine EX1000 is supplied with offers 3,600 rotations per minute and 1,000 watts of surge power
  5. Big fuel & oil reservoirs – this generator features a 3.1-liter fuel tank and a 0.43-liter oil tank built into its construction
  6. Excellent durability – even though it’s made of plastic, it’s built to last and should last for years given proper maintenance

Honda EX1000 most notable flaws

Overall, EX1000 is an all-around generator that offers everything but raw strength. Despite the fact that it excels in numerous fields of performance, it still has plenty of room for improvement in the following aspects:

  1. Mediocre connectivity – Honda’s EX1000 offers only two 120V receptacles. However, it also packs a 12V DC port but isn’t compatible with parallel-ready generators
  2. High fuel costs – petrol may not be significantly more expensive than diesel or propane, but its storage expenses are higher
  3. Compatible with relatively outdated spark plugs exclusively – this flaw can be overlooked as popular brands (Bosch and Champion, for example) offer cheap alternatives

Our Verdict

All in all, the Honda EX1000 is still tremendously popular, especially for a generator that was surpassed by several lines of successors from the EU, such as the Honda EU2200i, and EG series, and later generations.

Its compactness and reliability are nearly unequaled while its dirt-cheap price tag makes it an excellent option for people on a cash-strapped budget. Even though it’s not particularly suited for industrial work or as a main home generator, it is still highly versatile and among the most durable generators of its time.