Honda EU2200i Portable Generator Review : Why You Should Consider EU2200i instead of Honda EU2000i?

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honda eu2000i

Honda Motor Corporation has always maintained a worldwide dominance in the manufacturing and production of power equipment and generators.

Being a successor to the recent flagship of the Honda power equipment (the Honda EU2000i), it begs the question of whether Honda EU2200i lives up to the expectation.

Since your ultimate aim for purchasing a new generator is quality and performance, the Honda EU2200i might be a good fit thanks to its unquestionable reliability and great design. Let’s look at its features in detail:

Why Did the Company Switch to Honda EU2200i?

Honda EU2200i 2200-Watt Super Quiet Gas Power Portable Inverter Generator

The Honda EU2000i generator allows you to perform lots of tasks, from camping expedition to field trips. In other words, this is a machine by the honda power equipment which is so reliable that you can easily count on it to power or operate a wide variety of your gadgets both at home and during camping,  making it perfect for portable use.

What’s more, the inverter generator guarantees you excellent performance thanks to its unique engine, GXI  98.9 5cc, and the honda’s inverter technology.

At its peak, you can expect this generator to throw out 2,000 watts while remaining super quiet and fuel-efficient.

Speaking of silence operation, the inverter generator engine whispers only at only 57dBa when high and 48 dBa when low; A noise level which is quite remarkable, thus making the EU2000i super quiet compared to other portable inverter generators in its category.

But the big question is: Why did Honda decide to change to EU2200i when EU2000i already had consistent sales?

The short answer:

Well, the company didn’t want customers to rely on one product when they could exceed their expectations and come up with a new portable generator. And that’s how the Honda EU2200i portable inverter generator model came into the market.

3 Things (And More) That Make New Honda EU2200i Better than Honda EU2000i

Let’s start with the engine.

honda-eu2200i-better-eu2000i-generator-min-300x284-2The Honda EU2200i has an engine that offers a run time of 3.2 hours to 8.1 hours, depending on the load while on a single tank. If you are wondering why this inverter generator is so fuel efficient and offers such a great run time, it’s because it has the coil. The purpose of the coil is to rebuff damage to the body and also reducing the noise level.

Secondly, there’s increased ventilation space in this model compared to the honda eu2000i which promotes cooling and reduces overheating. The EU2200i generator is also power-packed, comes at a low cost, and in a smaller lighter package.

Apart from that, this generator model offers 10% more power to operate all your large appliances that are power-hungry. That said, you can only rely on Honda EU 2200i to produce any power you need for any operation at super quiet noise levels.

With its 121 cc capacity in the Honda GXR120 package, the eu2200i is one of the best portable inverter generators in the market. Speaking of the portability of this model, you should also keep in mind that the engine is feather-light promoting its ease of use and making it great for people who love to travel a lot. You can easily move with the generator from one place to another.

One great feature of the Honda eu2200i is its invaluable fuel option. What this means is the engine can provide an exceptional run time by running until most of the gasoline fuel is consumed before going off.

In other words, this is a generator that will not let you experience stale fuel which makes it easier to store the generator after use.

How Much Power Does Honda Eu2200i Emits?

Something that we can agree on is that this inverter generator has a remarkable engine with a rated load of 2200 watts and built for power. If you can operate on a quarter load, this honda portable generator provides a non-stop run time of 9 hours.

What’s more, the EU2200i is reliable and flexible because it comes with a dual 2 AC and 1 DC outlet that you can use to power a wide variety of appliances, making it perfect for most people.

Admittedly, the fuel tank is smaller than other generators, but you can add on an extra fuel tank to boost the fuel capacity and run your Honda EU2200i for longer periods of time.

Before you buy the Honda EU2200i, you need to know the total power wattage of the equipment you will use at home or during camping. As a matter of fact, determining the total power wattage that you need is very important whenever you are looking to purchase any power-producing products such as portable inverter generators or power batteries.

Once you’ve determined the power you need, you’ll know if the Honda EU2200 generator is really worth it or you need an even better option. That said, you can rely on the Honda EU2200i generators even for emergency use and to power all your household accessories.

Is it Easy to Maintain?

The short answer is yes. Here’s a brief explanation: Oil changes are hassle-free because the engine sends a low oil alert by switching off when it senses low oil levels. It’s essential for this to happen because timely oil changes reduce friction and protect the engine. Secondly, the automatic fuel shutoff prevents the generator from breaking down and ensuring that it delivers you stable clean power.

Moreover, the oil filler opening, longer spout, and larger oil drain gutter allow for more easier and cleaner oil changes.

The only maintenance you’ll do is to take care of the plugs, filters, and components.

The reason we say this is because most of those parts can be cleaned and replaced by normal people without the need to hire a mechanic or a maintenance service.

Does Honda EU2200i Have A Warranty?

You get a warranty when you purchase the Honda EU2200i generator. Even from authorized dealers, the generator comes with a 3-year warranty.

Only quality manufacturers like brand honda can offer such a long-term guarantee because they know that they are manufacturing quality products. Apart from that, Honda is well known for offering exceptional customer service to all its customers.

That’s why so many people have given this portable inverter generator positive feedbacks on various online stores.

What Cover or Accessories Does the Generator Come With

When it comes to the items or accessories shipped with this product, we have bad news for you people. Most of the cover and accessories that come with this generator are sold separately. For instance, when you order the generator, you’ll have to pay additional money for its water-resistant, custom-fitted cover. You can choose from a range of different colors for the cover.

Other accessories you can include in the purchase are DC charging cables and EU series-parallel.

Honda EU2200i Portable Generator Features

  • Weighs only less than 46 pounds, promoting ease of use and portability.
  • Powerful Honda GXR120 fuel-efficient engine that has a four-stroke overhead valve and delivers all the power you need
  • Stable and reliable power to work well with sensitive electronic devices
  • Easy to Start Generator: All units come with easy to use recoil start.
  • Super quiet operation with engine running at very low noise levels.
  • The generator lasts for 3.4 hours when you are operating it at full load. It gives 2200 watts of power as starting watts when you need more power and 1600 as running watts.
  • You will enjoy clean power thanks to the pure sine wave inverter features in the eu2200i generator.
  • Its oil protector automatically switches off when the oil level is low.
  • The EU2200i has color-coded operational contact points to guide the user through the starting operation
  • A stamped metal recoil rope insert to prevent damage to the body of the generator.
  • Increased ventilation to improve the flow of air to all internal parts.
  • Electronic Circuit Breaker is also included in the Honda EU2200i to protect it from any overload condition.
  • The eu2200i generator is EPA and CARB compliant: It meets the US and California regulations.

What Challenges/Problems Will You Experience

There’s no perfect generator, so the Honda EU2000i is not an exception. The problems are there despite it being a durable generator. Here are some areas of concern we found on the Honda EU2200i generator:

There is a lack of electrical push-start which delivers greater ease of use than a manual recoil starter. Having both options is a huge plus point for inverter generators.

Worn out seals- It is caused by the wear and tear of the fuel hose.

Another issue is unexpected smoke emitting out of the engine. If you want to deal with this, make sure you are using the right kind of fuel and oil. It is recommended to always double-check the fuel type that you are putting in your generator.

Broken recoil and engine seizure- It comes from using the wrong kind of fuel types.

No improvement has been found in the run time of this inverter generator when compared to honda’s older model. Although the added 200 watts of power in this model do serve as an advantage.

Conclusion: Why You Should Purchase Honda Eu2200i and is it a better choice than Eu2000i?

The generator has excellent features that make it rival the competition in the market. A key feature worth mentioning is the Eco-throttle system.

The Eco-throttle feature optimizes the engine speed to run at its best while meeting the demands of the current load. The generator’s engine is at the right size for its superior fuel usage coupled with whisper-quiet operation. Thanks to honda’s inverter technology, the generator powers all the electrical gadgets, even the sensitive ones.

To sum it all up, the Honda EU2200i includes all the basic technical features that you want from an inverter generator while other manufacturers choose to only include a few of these features. It is correct that technical specs won’t blow most people away but they are more than sufficient or even better than other comparable inverter generator models in the market. All of this when coupled with the excellent customer service delivered by honda makes it a perfect generator model for most users.

From this Honda Eu2200i review, it is clear that this upgraded model is better than the Honda Eu2000i and is a perfect choice for portable use at home or anywhere else.

If you are looking for something smaller and just as reliable, you can always look at the classic EX model generator which is the Honda EX1000.