Hike Crew HCIG2250 Portable Inverter Generator Review

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Hike Crew HCIG2250 Portable Inverter Generator
Hike CrewModel: HCIG2250Type: Portable Inverter
Wattage: 2,250 WattsStarting Watts: 2,250 WattsRunning Watts: 1,800 Watts
Length: 16.14 in. (42 cm)Width: 10.43 in (26 cm)Height: 13.5 in. (34 cm)
Duel Fuel: NoFuel Type: GasTank Capacity: 1.1 Gal (4 l)
Emissions: EPAIII Approved, CARB Approved & CE ApprovedRuntime @25%: 10 hrsWeight: 46 lb (21 kg)

A lot of people say that Hike Crew is the best company for generators. There’s no doubt in my mind, based on their sheer trustworthiness and quality product line-up; these products are worth a serious look!

Can they keep up with the demands of the owners? What is it about them that makes them so appealing to others?

We’ll get the answers in this Hike Crew HCIG2250 review.

Hike Crew HCIG2250 Review


If you are looking for a Portable Inverter generator that can be used as soon as it arrives, this Hike Crew HCIG2250 Portable Inverter will not disappoint. The best thing about this generator is that it can also be used in emergencies to power up your home.

This generator has been designed with safety measures such as running on clean fuel, so there will never be any need to worry about spilling gas or running out of fuel.

Hike Crew’s HCIG2250 is like no other. Is it WRONG?… ABSOLUTELY NO.

The top-line generator model, Hike Crew HCIG2250, has all the features you could expect from a Gas generator. Its Eco-throttle engine anticipates your demand for power to deliver just the right amount at just the right time-saving you money. 

HCIG2250 can power your home fuel-efficiently, and oh yeah–it’s quiet! This generator is has been certified and is EPAIII Approved, CARB Approved & CE Approved.

A fuel tank capacity of 1.1 Gal (4 l) cuts down on costs and noise levels, producing a sound level at just 57 dB, which is about the same as a household dishwasher.

Hike Crew HCIG2250 Generator Top Features

Multi-Purpose Power Source

The Hike Crew HCIG2250 can power most household appliances, electronic devices, and tools that you might need during an emergency or natural disaster. It is ideal for camping, power outages, and home maintenance chores.

Vast Electronic Item Support

The best and most impressive feature of this generator is its capability to power various electronic items. On the road or at home, it’s suitable for watching TV, operating lamps, running fans, using small power tools, and more.


Owing to Hike Crew‘s technology, the generator runs very efficiently. It can power up your house for an extended period of time on a single tank.

Super Quiet

Hike Crew HCIG2250 is one of the quietest generators, of its kind, on the market. At only 57 dB, it does not produce any irritating, distracting noises. It’s a great generator to keep at home or in the office.

Safety and Convenience Features

The Hike Crew HCIG2250 generator offers overload protection, engine auto-stop when the oil is low, and overheat protection to keep your unit running safely for years. It’s also effortless to use and move around.

Easy to Maintain

The Hike Crew HCIG2250 supplies the power you need, but it does not require a lot of maintenance. The generator is very easy to service and maintain with hassle-free accessible ports


One of the most critical factors that make this generator popular is its portability. The Hike Crew HCIG2250 weighs only 46 lb (21 kg). and comes with a super-handy detachable carrying handle.

Powerful Engine

Lightweight but reliable 79 cc powerful generator, perfect for home use when small loads are present.

Running Watts:  1,800 Watts & Starting Watts: 2,250 Watts

Suitable Voltage, AMP, & Frequency

The generator produces 120v, 60 hz. It has a maximum output of 2,250 Watts watts.

Ergonomic Design

New ergonomically designed control panels allow easy-to-read gauges, lights & switches are more intuitive to operate.

Long Warranty

This awesome generator has a 2 years warranty warranty. And the company provides excellent customer support centers all over the world, no matter where you are.

Long-Running Hours

If you are using the generator in ideal conditions, it can run up to 10 hrs on 25% load.

Hike Crew HCIG2250 FAQs

What is the best way to store it?

It’s a good idea to keep this generator in a box or cover it up so that it doesn’t get wet. Furthermore, Hike Crew recommends that you store the generator in an upright position.

What are the dimensions of this model?

The overall height is 13.5 in. (34 cm), and it has a length of 16.14 in. (42 cm) and width of 10.43 in (26 cm).

What fuel does this model use?

This generator uses Gas.

Is this type of generator safe to use with power tools?

Yes, it’s very safe to use!

Does the Hike Crew HCIG2250 come with an Automatic Transfer Switch Standard (ATS)

79 cc

What outlets configuration does the Hike Crew HCIG2250 have?

(2) AC Outlets (1) USB 3.0 Port, (1) DC Output, Parallel Function (1) ECO Switch (1) Low Oil/Running Indicators

Should you buy the Hike Crew HCIG2250?

Looking for a reliable generator that meets your needs? This generator has been designed to have for easy maintenance and to last years.

And last but not least, Hike Crew‘s generator is portable, compact, and weighs only 46 lb (21 kg)–quite a feat when you consider this beast produces 2,250 Watts watts of power! 

All in all, if you’re looking for reliability and quality, then Hike Crew HCIG2250 has everything you need.