Generac Generators Review : All You Need To Know

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Generac home generator

Do you know what sets Generac generators apart from the competition?

Two things:

  • Engine
  • Design

These two features stand out prominently. If you are going to buy a Generac generator, the engine capacity should be your number one consideration.

Excellent engine capability means a longer run time. But since this is a Generac generators review, we would look at the features in detail.

Most importantly, their best selling product since 1959. That way, you’ll have a few options you can check if you are interested in buying one.

Let’s get started.

About Generac Company/ Generator

Generac Power Systems, Inc manufactures portable generator and standby generators in Wisconsin. They have an excellent reputation, and that’s because they have an OHVI engine.

The Air-cooled generator engines which use fans to assist in cooling while their liquid-cooled generator use radiator systems for cooling.

A lot of home generators have engines primarily designed for lawn and garden applications. Generac OHVI engine is for Generac generators only.

They are meant to work for long periods, which is a great asset in the event you have severe power outages.

That’s why the Generac OHVI engine has a longer lifespan than their competition. In other words, buying a Generac generator is an excellent investment.

A great impressive feature you’ll find in all Generac generator is the Generac’s OHVI X-TorgTM Governor, that is the fastest responding governor.

Its role is to maximize engine performance and eliminate stalling. On the other hand, a slow governor can result in low voltage, which damages the electronics.

Generac Generators Comparison Table

Review of Top 5 Generac Generator

1. Generac 7117 GP2200i 2200 Watt Portable Inverter Generator

It is one of the quietest inverter generators from Generac. It has 1700w of running power and 2200w of starting watts.

The generator features a compact design with a modern-looking sound-insulated enclosure.

Since the generator is portable, there’s an addition of carrying handle at the top. You can use to carry the 46.6 pounds generator with ease. Most importantly, you won’t have a problem carrying it with one hand.

The Generac 7117 has an 80cc, OHV engine which is quite small and uses less gas. It’s 1.2-gallon gas tank keeps it running for 7-hours at a 50% load. This translates to 5-kilowatt-hours per gallon. Its fuel consumption depends on how you’ll use the electricity.

The generator also has an eco-mode(smart throttle) that reduces its engine revs when the load capacity is low. That way, you save fuel.

The low oil shut off feature protects the engine when it runs out of fuel. Since this is a small generator, it has a recoil starter as opposed to an electric starter.

The control panel features a strong plastic cover that protects all the outlets. Besides that, the generator has lots of power outlets. Here are the available outlets:

  • 5-20R 120V Duplex receptacle
  • 2 Standard 120V household outlets
  • 12V DC auxiliary outlet
  • 5 A USB outlet

The generator also has a parallel connection port that allows you to connect to another Generac 7117, therefore doubling the power output. Its control panel houses the circuit breaker which protects all the outlets.

Besides that, it also has a low light indicator, that gives you a signal when the oil is low for a refill.

If you compare its fuel consumption and that of Hyundai HY200si and Briggs and Stratton P2200. You will find that it consumes less fuel. Fuel efficiency is a super important feature if you will use this generator for camping or on a building site.

The second thing important thing is, moisture and dust will hardly ever reach the outlets and switches thanks to the protective casing it has.


  • Economy mode
  • Easily movable, ideal for travel
  • CARB compliant
  • Cheap


  • Only 2, 120-volt outlet
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2. Generac 6866 iQ2000 Super Quiet 1600 Running Watts/2000

The Generac iQ2000 inverter generator takes the lead in the 2000 watts category. It performs well in three key core areas: Portability, run time, and usage. Perhaps the most notable feature is the sleek and useful LED display, which allows excellent monitoring of the generator.

One thing that makes it stand out is the seamless transmission and low noise benefits that other generators in the same category never have.

The other unique feature is the aesthetic values, which makes it an excellent buy. Thanks to its simple power control feature, you can operate it efficiently.

With this generator, you can regulate your load usage to reduce power consumption and make it run for longer. The Generac 6866 has a hi-tech feature of stable and managed power output, LED power control, and many more.

The weight is 46.2 pounds, which makes it a light inverter generator. You can carry it with one hand because it does not pose any risk during carriage.

Generac has a maximum power watt of 2000 watts and 1600 watts of continuous operations. The extra 400 watt aids the starting appliances. That means its total power consumption for all your electrical devices should not exceed 1600 watts.


  • Real home display
  • Silent portable inverter
  • Use-friendly
  • Three operational modes


  • Not excellent for high altitude use
  • Low runtime

3. Generac 5943 GP7500E 7500 Running Watts

Generac 5978 GP7500E 7500 Running Watts/9375 Starting Watts Electric Start Gas Powered Portable Generator - CSA CompliantThis is an electric start gas powered inverter generator from Generac. You can use it for emergencies at home or job site work.

Most of what you get on this generator is not offered in a basic inverter generator, therefore making this generator a reliable option for guys looking to buy an inverter generator.

The generator comes with an electric start and a plug-in battery charger jack which you can use to charge the battery. To prevent the engine from damage, the generator has an automatic shut down.

That said, when the oil is low, the engine operation goes down below the safety level. That way, the engine doesn’t run low on fuel and saves it from damage.

There’s also an hour motor which helps the users to know when to do the next maintenance. The hour motor gives out regular alerts for scheduled maintenance. Its large fuel tank provides a long run time at a different load capacity.

Thanks to its steel tank, you are guaranteed the generator will last long. It’s no secret this generator has a loud noise when you are operating it at an increased capacity.

At 200 pounds, this generator is super heavy, but it has wheels to aid its movement. It will less time to assemble this generator. The only drawback with this generator is, it lacks a dual fuel option.


  • Electric start
  • Plug-in battery charger
  • Steel fuel tank
  • Low-level oil switch


  • No dual fuel option
  • Fuel leakage issue
  • Noise issue
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4. Generac 5982 GP3250 Powered Portable Generator

The Generac 5982 is a gas-powered generator with running watts of 3250 and starting watts of 3750. Thanks to its 3.5-gallon steel tank, the generator has an excellent run time.

That said, this generator can run for 10hours on a 50% load capacity that means if you are operating at 50% load less, you will have a long run time.

At 115 pounds the generator is a bit heavy. But it has a prominent feature which makes mobility easy. It has 8-inch heavy-duty never-flat tires which aid portability efficiency.

Besides that, the generator has an on and off switch button that makes operation a lot easier like other Generac Inverter generators. This model has a low oil level shutdown to protect the engine from damage.

When there’s a low oil level, the generator shuts down, and it will not work until you refill the oil. That way, engine life is saved because there’s less load on it. The generator also features a steel cradle that gives it the ultimate strength for its performance.

That’s why it’s best for guys who need to do lots of tasks with it. The generator does not have an electric start but a manual recoil starter. That means a cord has to be pulled for it to crank the engine. The generator has three outlets:

  • Two 5-20R 120 Volt outlets
  • One L14-20R twist-lock outlet (120V/240V)

It also features a low tune muffler which makes it run quietly at a comfortable noise level. That way, it won’t disturb your neighbors at night. The generator is also in compliance with California’s CARB regulation.


  • Circuit breaker
  • Long run time
  • Never flat tires
  • Portable


  • No dual fuel option

5. Generac 7043 Guardian Series

This is a powerful, reliable generator that comes with a five-year warranty. It so large and delivers 22,000 watts when it runs on propane and 19500 watts on natural gas.

With this enormous power, this generator is ideal for large homes that have many electrical appliances.

You can also use it on a construction site. It’s sturdy design feature a RhinoCoat powder-coated finish, which is corrosion-resistant. Well, that means two things:

  • Durable performance to last for years
  • The generator works well in all weather conditions,

One thing that also deserves mention is the 200-amp smart transfer switch that allows it to start itself immediately it detects a power outage.

The biggest surprise is, the generator is super quiet despite its size. Its noise level is 57dB of noise, and it increases the level with its output.

A great prominent feature we also like is the mobile-friendly app. The app allows you to monitor every activity taking place when the generator is operating. It is a feature you will find only a few generators on the market.

Besides having an app, it also has an Evolution controller with an excellent LCD for checking the battery status and tracking maintenance intervals.

Thanks to the generator’s built-in G-force engine which allows it to run for days and weeks. Since the generator has True Power Technology, it will not damage delicate electronic devices. Most importantly, it guarantees a loss of 5% harmonic distortion.

Despite all these benefits, there are a few drawbacks. The generator consumes lots of fuel when it is running on a 92 cubic feet of propane per hour. That means you’ll spend more money on fuel and you’ll run out of fuel fast. This shouldn’t be a big challenge if you have a natural gas connection line.


  • 22-kilowatt power on propane
  • Quiet for its size
  • Mobile link app to monitor activities


  • High fuel consumption


Are Generac Generator Quiet

whole-home-generator-274x300-2No generator is 100% quiet. The noise level depends on the output you are running. More output means more noise.

Best of all, this also depends on the measure you have taken to ensure there are low noise levels like…having an enclosure, using a muffler.

If you buy a large Generac machine, expect more noise. Likewise, if you are going for the inverter generator, expect less noise.

What Size Generac Generator will I need?

If you are planning to buy their generator, they have a generator calculator which helps you figure out what size generator you need. You can find this calculator when you visit their website.

What Type of Fuel Does Generac Generator run on?

Generac’s engines use natural gas and some run on propane. Other models use battery power, or they have an option to let you switch their battery power. The battery option is an excellent choice because you only need to recharge them and use them later. However, they are sold separately for these models.

Is Generac A Good Generator?

Generac is a trusted and popular brand. The company has an excellent reputation for manufacturing robust and quality emergency power generators for commercial and residential use.

That said, expect this kind of engine to run 3 to 4 times longer than their competition.

What is Generac G-Flex Technology

It’s the company’s patent G-Flex technology. Its main function is to allow the engine to run fast, depending on the load demand.

It is a feature that sets Generaac apart from other competitors. Besides that, the G-Flex technology makes Generac generator more fuel-efficient and quieter when working.

How Long Can a Generac Generator Run Continuously

As long as you have enough supply of natural gas or propane, along with excellent maintenance, the generator will keep running. If you have a 500-gallon propane tank, the Generac will run for a week daily.

What is the Life Expectancy of a Generac Generator?

Engines designed for Generac provide 3,000 hours of use. With excellent maintenance intervals, an automatic standby generator has a life expectancy of more than 30 years.


As you can see, Generac is a respected brand in the marketplace. It has proved its worth that it can manufacturer the best generators and exceeds customer’s expectations.

That said, you have the assurance of quality and long life expectancy, which other competitors don’t offer in the marketplace.

If you live in a region experiencing severe power outages now and then, you need a Generac generator. It will run most of your appliances at home and keep you comfortable if you are having an outdoor adventure.

That said, we hope this Generac generator’s review has provided you with the most updated information about Generac generators.