Firman Generators Review : All You Need To Know

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Firman Generators Review

Maybe you are not sure if Firman generators will work for you or not. The truth is, you are right to be skeptical because Firman generators is a new company in the US market. The first thing that draws people to Firman generators is the reasonable price. It then begs the question: “Does Firman generators deliver on performance and durability, or is it just another Chinese Company selling knockoffs product?”After thorough research into multiple Firman generators, we decided to write this review. Bear in mind that it does not manufacture the best portable generator in the US market. But if you can adjust your expectations, you will have a fun time working with it. Let’s get started with Firman Generators Review.

About  Firman Generators

Firman is a Chinese Company that makes portable power generators. Although there has been lots of imitation of companies making cheap generators from China, this is not to say that Firman is one of them.

Firman is one of those companies in China that offer high-quality generators at a competitive price. So how does Firman Generators compare with other generators on the market? 

In terms of their prices, the company offers a reasonable amount. Besides that, the company adheres to strict quality control measures from regulators in China and the US. That means, their products are legit.

Firman company belongs to a large corporation called the Sumec Group that specializes in energy engineering construction. The group is also a member of China National Machinery Leading Corporation.

The Firman company has also formed a partnership with other companies like Kohler, an American Company that gave them access to a wealth of experience in generators, gas, and diesel engines. That’s why their sale of generators have exceeded 10 million units.

R&D Design and Innovation

The company values advancement and their rely on customer’s ideas to exploit the worldwide R&D networks. Most importantly, they also collaborate to investigate the market course so that they can meet the client’s needs.

This makes them have a solid support base from clients. The Firman company has product innovation R&D, test, and development abilities to conduct product tests. 

Up to now, the company has 91 licenses. That said the company takes the crown in manufacturing durable and high-performance generators.

Comparison Table of Firman Generators

Reviews of Firman Generators would not be good without a comparison table. See the table below for details.

Reviews of the Top 5 Best Firman Generators

1. Firman W03083 3000 Watt

This is the first one in our Firman Generators Review article. The W03083 is a famous Firman inverter generator that has 3300 starting watts and 3000 running watts. That’s enough power if you are into RV or looking for a 3000-watt generator.

The generator’s power can handle a 13,500 BTU  air conditioner and a few electrical appliances like microwaves, lightbulbs you may have at home.

Its 1.8-gallon fuel tank can get you up to 8 hours, but it would depend on the lead you have. One thing you need to remember is, you may need to refuel if you operate at a higher load. 

Fortunately, if you plan to operate a basic few devices we have mentioned above like AC, then the W0308 will serve you well without any problem. The W0308 serves your needs with four outlets:

  • 1 x TT-30R 30A 120V outlet
  • 1 x 5-20R Duplex 20A 120v
  • 1 x 12VDV 8.3A
  • A USB port to charge your portable electronic devices like phones.

The generator has a  user-friendly control panel, and the electric start makes it easier to operate. One thing you’ll have to hate about it is that it’s louder than most inverter generator. The manufacturer says that it, it’s noise level is 85dB if you operate at 25% load.

But if you plan to run at a max load, the noise level may be too high. Overall it’s not an awful generator because it performs well. The generator is compact and comes with lots of sound insulation panels.

Since it is an inverter generator, it produces a pure sine wave and has less than 3% Total Harmonic Distortion (THD). In case of emergency, you can use a recoil starter to start the generator.

Besides that, the Firman has parallel connectivity that allows you to use the same generator for dual power. At 100 pounds, the W03083 is a bit heavy for one person to carry, although it has well-placed gripping points and wheels to assist in mobility.

One thing I love about this model is it has features you’ll find in high-end generators like parallel connection parts and remote control starting. 

For that reason it’s safe to say, it beats some high-end inverter generator of the same price.  It matches high-end inverter generators in every way but surpasses them in price.


  • Best inverter generator
  • Four outlets
  • Excellent performance 
  • User-friendly control panel


  • Lots of noise


2Firman P03601 3650 Watt

If you are looking for a Firman conventional generator that you can use at a job site or RV camping. Then the Firman P03601 3650 watts tops the list.

The generator has 4550 starting watts and 3650 running watts. That’s the right amount of energy you need to work with job site electrical tools like air compressors, drills. Or belt sanders. Likewise, you can use it to run essential electrical devices at home in the event of a blackout.

Even if you use it at home, never expect it to backup the whole house. If you want to back up a full house, you’ll need a large generator to power all the devices. 

If you are an RV owner, on the other hand, you’ll find this generator to be sufficient. The reason I say that is because it can handle a 15,000 BTUs AC without any challenge along with the equipment you use in RV.

Depending on how much load you have, the generator can run for 14hours. The time will be shorter if you operate at a 100% load.

One thing you will hate about this generator is it’s heavy to carry and won’t come with a wheel kit. You’ll have to buy the wheel kit separately, which will incur you the extra cost. The wheel will be easy to attach.

The generator also has a whisper series muffler that makes it run at 68 decibels. Thanks to this durable and compact tubular roll cage, this generator will last you years. The generator has the following outlets:

  • 1 TT30R (RV ready)
  • 1 L530R
  • 2 120v Standard (5-20 duplex)

Since it has a low oil indicator, you’ll also get an alert when the oil is little. That way, it protects the engine. Did you know that it has a volt lock?  Its purpose is to ensure clear and consistent power production.

Another feature worth mentioning is the built-in multi-monitor system that tracks how the generator runs and shows the number of voltage you are consuming.


  • Inexpensive
  • Excellent run time


  • Heavy 
  • No wheel kit

3. Firman W01781 2100 Watt

Firman offers the W03082 as an inverter generator to campers, tailgater, and boaters. The generator boast of having 2100 surge watts and 1700 starting watts. That makes it an ideal and sufficient generator for small scale and mid-sized electrical devices like speakers, laptops, phones, and e.t.c.

The generator comes with enough outlets such as the:

  • 1 x 5-20R Duplex 120V 20A outlet
  • 1 x 12v (suitable for battery charging cable)
  • 1 x USB port

Besides that, you can use the generator to run on the chainsaws or drills. The W03082 comes with a 9-gallon tank that runs for 9 to 12 hours if you are operating on full capacity. At 51.6 pounds, the generator is easy to carry around and not bulky.

The Firman W08082 has a built-in muffler that minimizes noises. Although it is not one of the quietest generators on the market, it is behind the top perform like Yamaha EF2000iSV2 or WEN56200i.

As a generator with parallel capability, it can use linked to a second generator for a double the power. Since it is an inverter generator, it produces clean sine waves with less than 3% Total Harmonic Distortion. That means you delicate power appliances using it.

Its light indicator will always tell if the generator is ready, when it’s overloaded and when the oil is level is insufficient. Speaking of security measures, the device has an automatic low oil shut-off, that protects the engine when the fat is low.

Since it comes with the necessary documentation and user manual, it is easy to start this generator. Besides that, it also comes with a lot of accessories such as funnel,  tool kit, and charging cable.

The W01781 is both EPA approved and CARB-compliant, that means you can use it in all 50 states, including California. What’s more, the generator has a spark arrestor. What that means is, you can use it in the forest.

When you compare the W01781 to other generators of 1300-2200W, you’ll find that it has a decent price range. That means it will fit into your budget schedule very well.


  • Parallel connection
  • Lightweight
  • Fuel efficient
  • Inexpensive


  • Low run time
  • No electric start

4. Firman H03651 4550 Review

If you are looking for a dual fuel generator that operates on both gas and propane. Then the Firman H03651 is ideal for you. Unlike most generators, this one is CARB compliant to mean that residents of California can use it.

The generator also comes with a robust 208cc dual-fuel engine that has standard features like low oil shutdown mechanism and cast iron frame.

Its tank can accommodate up to 5-gallon of gas. That would be enough to get you running for 14 hours if you are not running it at full capacity.

The generator features 4550 starting watts and 3550 running watts, which is so powerful for 30 amp travel trailers. Besides that, this generator can be used at Job Sites. The only thing you need to know is, this generator is not suitable for is 220v MIG welder.

Firman H03651 features a 5.5 feet LPG regular hose. The only thing that will disappoint you is that you have to buy the propane bottle separately.

While on gasoline the generator gives out 3650W as running watts and 4550W as peak wattage. One propane, the generator provides 3300 watts and 4100 starting watt.

The generator is slightly noisy because it provides 75dBA. When it comes to operation, the generator can be quickly started using a simple pull-start mechanism.

Bear in mind that, you should not use this generator to power delicate electrical devices it has a 25% THD. The control panel has 4 AC outlets:

  • Duplex 120V 20A (5-20R) GFCI
  • 120 V 30A (TT-30R) receptacle
  • 120 V 30 A (L5-30R) receptacle

The Firman H03651 features an open-frame design that offers support and stability for raising it from the ground. That’s why it is an ideal generator for outdoors. At 119.5 pounds, the generator is quite heavy to lift and transport it.

But once it is on the ground, you can use the wheel kit for more natural movement. Its control panel houses an army of features such as the voltage, frequency, lifetime hours that are useful for monitoring the generator status and activity.

If you would want to check the fuel gauge on this generator, you are better off using the built-in fuel gauge. When it comes to security, there’s an automatic low oil shut-off and overload protection. That way, you will have peace of mind when using it.


  • Dual fuel generator
  • Perfect for 30 amp RVs
  • CARB compliant


  • Loud
  • Won’t support 220v
Full Review

5. Firman H03652 4550

It is a recoil starter generator having an output of 4,550 starting watts and 3,650 running watts. Thanks to the Phoenix FatHead Block, its engine which is a 208cc Max pro series will run well and cool the system well.

Given that it only provides 67dB(A) of noise, this generator has been known to be the quietest conventional generator on the market. The addition of the Whisper Series muffler ensures it runs silent most of the time.

Since the Firman HO3650 has a spark arrester, it is a model you can use in the National Park and the Forests. But there’s more to that. The generator also has the approval of the USDA Forest service. Its setup is easy despite it being a recoil one.

The Firman H03652 can run on either propane or gasoline and this makes it flexible for you in case of an emergency. If you have a large propane tank as part of the purchase, there’s a 5-fort extended hose when you buy it. You can use it to connect to the tank and this will save you the extra money of buying the new hose.

This generator has a long run time. It can run for 14 hours straight. Besides that, there’s an automatic voltage regulator to ensure a steady output of power from the alternator. At 134.5 pounds the generator is portable and has an 8-inch never-flat wheel that aids mobility together with the ergonomically shaped handle.

The generator has two outlets:

  • TT-30R Rv outlet
  • Two duplex household parts

That said, the Firman HO3652 is a respected model that provides reliable energy. The most important part about all this is, it comes RV ready. That explains why it is the perfect solution for camping and tailgating.


  • Low oil indicator
  • Built-in tank gauge
  • Durable design
  • Low noise


  • No electric start
  • No DC port for charging a battery

Firman Generators Review: FAQ

What Are Firman Generators Problem?

Like any product, Firman is not perfect. Customers report challenges in faulty wiring and mechanical problems. Those defects do affect the amount of electricity the generator produces.

Other problems include sparks and technical issues. Bear in mind to use the product according to the manufacturer’s specifications to prevent issues you might get.

What are Firman Prices?

They have a modest price tag, and the manufacturer works to ensure customer’s expectations are met. One thing you have to know is they all have both low and high-end models having a decent price tag. 

That said, if you are looking for a great ideal, you can’t go wrong with a Firman generator. The generators are touted for their excellent values among buyers.

Who Makes Firman Generators?

Firman generators are made in China. The company’s headquarters is in Nanjing, China. The generators are reliable and have a purpose in the user’s life. 

The company is now is registered in over 92 countries worldwide. Although it’s not something to brag out about, it shows the company desires to meet the customer’s needs.


It’s now evident that Firman generators will give you power on demand. That’s despite what you want to use the generator for-home or RV needs. Make sure to ask yourself, “What size generator do I need?

You can trust the Firman generator to take care of all your business in the event of a blackout. Since they also have a specialist in Phoenix, you can always reach out to them for any assistance you need.

Firman has a three-year ironclad guarantee, which means the company stands behind their product. As one of the world’s biggest manufacturers of versatile generators, they know how to move the needle in the generator industry.

Of course, most of their products have pros and cons. But one thing is sure about is that they have a longer run-time, bigger fuel tanks, and fantastic services. We hope you liked this Firman Generators Review article.