Duromax XP 4400e Review: Why You Should Buy it

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Duromax Xpr4400e Reviewed and Tested

A power outage can be annoying because it distracts everything. Whether you have a workshop, or you work from a computer, it may not be possible to work during blackouts. The worst thing is that when it happens at night, it leaves you helplessly in darkness. That’s why having a backup might be the best thing for you. In this post, we will focus on the Duromax XP 4400e portable generator review.

The Duromax XP 4400e is one of the ​best portable generators, is currently on demand not only because of its affordability but also its exceptional features. It can handle most appliances both at home and at work. In the event of blackouts, it will be your savior because of its 7 HP air-cooled engine. With such a powerful engine, be sure to get a constant supply of power in your place.

It can be used for a wide range of activities, as discussed later in this post. While it is quite inexpensive, it is one of the easiest to use generators in the market. It is also durable and environmentally friendly.

When you fill this generator’s tank, it will be equivalent to 4 gallons of gas. This can last your generator 8 hours while in use.

Below are some features of the Duromax XP 4400E.

Duromax XP 4400E Review

Now let’s dive deep into what you should expect from Duromax XP4400e.


The Duromax XP 4400e is a powerful and long-lasting generator because of its design. It is made with some wheels; hence moving it around is very convenient. It also has handlebars that make it comfortable to hold while moving it from one place to another.

Its panel design makes it possible to start using it anytime. During power shortage, you can charge your batteries using its DC output. It also has two 120v 20 Amp standard outlets that you can use to run other household appliances. The generator comes with a circuit breaker and a voltmeter which enhances maximum protection while in use.

It has a light indicator that helps you to be updated on the battery charging. This generator has also been designed with a voltage selector that lets you choose between 240v and 120v or both so long as they meet your needs.

Its low oil sensor is another safety feature that prevents the generator from damage in case oil runs out. It has an automatic voltage regulator that ensures the voltage output remains clean to protect delicate appliances. It is made of heavy-duty steel which guarantees you of lasting long.


When you compare the Duromax XP4400E with other generators, you will notice that it has more authority. You can even operate home appliances like air conditioners, microwaves, refrigerators, and Saunas with its 120volt power or 240-volt power. Always read the manual to find out how to use it and the fuel it needs. With 8 hours run time, you can protect your home and workplace before power outage gets resolved.

Keep in mind that even if you have many appliances to run, you can use this generator, but they will need more wattage to start. Running wattage will be low, so you don’t need to worry about that. Its starting wattage is 4400 watts, and running watts are 3500. As you can see, 900 watts difference is excellent too if you want to save energy.

This generator has a horsepower of 7 and an engine of a 4-stroke single cylinder.



If you are afraid of noise, the Duromax XP 4400E will not disappoint you. This is an incredibly quiet generator because of its excellent power delivery. It operates in silence with just a 69dB noise level. Having been made with an oversized muffler, this reduces its noise level drastically.

An inbuilt spark arrestor in this generator also reduces its noise. With this noise capacity, it is safe to use this generator in a home without having hearing issues.

Control panels and display

The Duromax XP 4400E has control panels and displays designed to make it simple to operate. The control panel of Duromax XP 4400E has a switch that has a key with three control panels. There is also a voltmeter on the right side that lets you know the output.


DuroMax XP4400E 4,400 Watt 7.0 HP OHV 4-Cycle Gas Powered Portable Generator With Wheel Kit And Electric StartThis is a portable generator. Like other cars, this generator has an electric key start and pulls start features too. You can use the pull start feature when the battery is dead. As mentioned earlier, the Duromax XP has a run time of 8 hours only if it is being used at a capacity of 50%.

If you put more load, the gas tank that has 4 gallons will finish up quickly. It also has an automatic low-oil shutoff feature that makes it shut down when the tank is almost empty. With this feature, it protects the tank from damage.

This generator runs home appliances like video recorders, TV, and few lights smoothly without any issues.


The Duromax XP 4400E comes with several accessories like a dust coat. This dust coat ensures that dust does not get in the generator. It also comes with a generator transfer switch so that you can connect it safely to your home. Other accessories are a power inlet box and a 10-foot power cord.


This generator uses unleaded gasoline. It has a 4-gallon steel tank which can run up to 8 hours at a capacity of 50%. Its indicator light allows you to know if the generator is charging its starter battery. When the battery is full, you will be able to know. You will have no worries about overloading it because it has a circuit breaker. With its indicator light, you will always know about the output range.

You need to put oil in your generator so that it can work. It has an oil capacity of 20 fluid ounces, and you need to use oil that weighs 12W-30. However, if your area is as cold as below 0 degrees, use SAE 30 (hot) OR 5w-30 (cold). When the engine runs out of oil, the generator will automatically shut down without damaging any place. When it’s about to shut down, you will see the indicator light.


The overall weight of the Duromax XP4400e is 135lbs. Its dimensions are 23.3 x17 x 17 in length, width, and height without attaching the handles and wheels. If you add the gas, the weight will increase. Therefore its weight together with the gas and oil is 160lbs.

Maintenance and care

You should regularly take care of your generator to prolong its life. Keep it clean by ensuring that no dirt blocks its air-cooling fins. You can clean it using a damp piece of cloth or a soft brush. If there are hard to reach areas, a vacuum cleaner will be the best to use.

After every use, you should check the fuel level, engine level, and the air filter. After 20 hours, you need to clean the gas tank and change its engine oil.  You can clean the air cleaner after every 50 hours of use or after every three months.

After every 100 hours of use or 6 months, clean the spark plug and the fuel filter. You for the gas tank, you can clean it after every 300 hours of using it or each year.

Repairs and warranty

This generator is covered by a Duromatic limited warranty, while the labor has 30 days period warranty. The parts have a warranty for one year after purchase. It is your responsibility to take care of the shipping costs.

In a nutshell, it has a voltage meter that allows you to know the amount of power your generator is putting out. It also comes with a spark arrestor, low protection shut off, and an AC/DC regulator. The wheel of this generator has 8 inches tires that can move in any terrain. Its handle is a flip-up stowaway which makes it portable. You can get enough power in 120v outlets and allows you to run volt 240V and 120 V while in use made possible by the voltage selector. It has both the recoil starter system and the electrical start

Technical Details of Duromax XP4400E



The Duromax XP4400E is a versatile generator with various uses. You can use it outdoors for camping and indoors as well during power outages. With its surge capacity that reaches 4,400 warts and a continuous output of 3,500 watts, it can supply you with enough power during blackouts for 8 hours.


  • It has a good run time
  • Has comfortable handles and electric start
  • Portable
  • Has important security features
  • Easy to use


  • While it is not very loud, it could be useful if the sound was lowered a bit

How to start the Duromax XP4400E generator

DuroMax XP4400E 4,400 Watt 7.0 HP OHV 4-Cycle Gas Powered Portable Generator With Wheel Kit And Electric StartStarting this generator is simple. However, before putting it on, ensure that it is on a flat surface and the fuel levels are sufficient. Check if there are any electrical loads connected to it and remove them. Here is how you can start it.

  • Ensure that you ground your generator properly
  • Turn on the fuel valve
  • Shift the choke lever towards the closed position
  • Turn the engine switch on

– Turning it on manually:

Tow the recoil starter until the time you feel some resistance then drag it stridently so that the engine can start

– Electric start: Put the key to the start point and hold on it until the engine starts. Don’t press the key at the start position for over 5 seconds.

  • Allow the engine to run for one minute when it starts then place the choke lever at the open position
  • Let the generator run for some minutes before connecting to it any loads.

Shutting it down

Just like starting it, the process of switching it off is simple.

  • Separate any loads with the generator
  • Run the generator for a few minutes
  • Put the engine Switch off by moving it to the off position
  • Turn the fuel valve off by moving it to the off position

Final verdict: Should you buy the Duromax XP4400E?

The answer is yes!

The Duromax 4400E is undoubtedly one of the best portable generators in the market. Its features and affordability make it one of the most sorts after the generator. Whether you are looking for power back up for your home or workplace, you could consider trying the Duromax XP4400E.

If you are looking for a mid-sized movable generator, you will be thrilled to use the Duromax XP. It is ideal for use in the campsite, at home, fishing spots, and work sites. It’s environmentally friendly and has tons of features that will impress you. We hope you liked our Duromax XP 4400e review.