Best Solar Generators for Off-grid Living

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Best Solar Generators for Off grid Living

A capable backup will make sure that no power outage can disturb the peace of the individuals residing in the house. If you have decided to invest in a solar generator, welcome on the right side. This machine fuels the home with renewable and clean energy coming from the sun. Other generators run on fossil fuels, are loud, and spew nasty emissions.

As they can be operated consistently in remote areas, solar generators boast a better off-grid potential as opposed to gas generators. Whether you are at the sea, Overlanding, or chilling in your remote mountain habitat, this unit can be employed to produce electricity without having to pay utility bills or visit the store.

Think of this magical machine as a small power plant that can generate electricity no matter how long you plan to stay off the grid. So, without further ado, let’s see the list of the best solar-powered generators along with other essential information.

Top Solar Generators for Off-grid Living in 2022

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EF ECOFLOW Portable Power Station DELTA

The first on the list, this generator offers multiple charging outputs. In total, the DELTA showcases two USB-C ports, six AC outlets, two USB-A fast charge, two USB-A ports, and one conventional DC 13.6V port. This allows the user to power the refrigerator, mobile phones, CPAP machine, laptop, drones, camera, blender, in-car appliances, and a lot more, without any issue.

The power station comes with a lithium-ion battery pack, which can be charged with the 10-65V solar panel, car charger, or AC wall adapter perfectly. These triple rechargeable modes guarantee ease.

Within an hour, the unit can be recharged from 0% to 80%. Give it just two hours to achieve full charging. This is the manufacturer’s powerful patented X-STREAM Technology through which ten times higher the speed of the majority of power stations is possible. And the best part, there’s no need for a bulky adapter. Just get a standard AC cable.

Product Features

  • The high-performance is guaranteed by the 1260 W-h power station, which can fulfill different outdoor electricity demands.
  • Two years of power guarantee.

BLUETTI Portable Power Station AC200P

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This power monster might be one of the best solar generators for off grid living. Boasting a remarkable 2,000 Watts inverter and a strong 2,000 W-h of capacity, this machine is talented to power almost all home devices, boosting confidence in all emergencies.

The premium BMS innovation and safe battery cells provide numerous protections to the machine, making it a trustworthy power backup that has a longer lifetime than a decade.

Product Features

  • Above 3500 life cycles to 80%.
  • The machine supports 500 Watts of AC input and 700 Watts of solar energy. This allows the user to fully charge in 2 and a half-hour through dual AC or AC+solar charging.
  • Seventeen useful outlets – one 12V DC port, six AC ports, two wireless charging pads, and a standard carport.
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Jackery Solar Generator 1000

This off grid solar generator is the from which you can enjoy unlimited solar energy. Achieve true solar power through 2 SolarSaga and Explorer 1000.

Unlike other machines, this one produces no noise, and it displays an on-button design for better use. The unit is packed with an impressive 1,000 high wattage and 1,002 W-h to fuel all the home appliances.

Product Features

  • The Explorer displays three standard pure sine wave AC ports, which offer additional capacity for protection and fuel more appliances.
  • As opposed to other models in the market, it supports pass-through charging with a protected battery life.
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Jackery Portable Power Station Explorer 1000

Boasting massive endurance, the Jackery showcases 1,002 W-h capacity, three pure sine wave AC ports, one Quick Charge 3.0 port, two USB-C ports, and 1,000 wattages. Needless to say, these features are capable of supporting all the devices in your home.

The user can upgrade to enjoy endless power by using the option to pair two Jackery SolarSaga solar panels. This unbeatable upgrade will lead to a Solar Generator 1000 System. The latest MPPT innovation guarantees a 23% better conversion charging efficiency.

Product Features

  • There are versatile ports in this machine – 3 conventional pure sine wave AC ports in order to power more appliances.
  • The noise level is almost zero, determining the peace of the environment. Not only this, the interior and exterior of the machine are properly designed to maximize safety while everything is being charged.

MAXOAK Power Station 2400Wh/1000W Inverter

Huge capacity and extremely long-lasting performance are what this beast is all about. In figures, the high load continuous 1,000 watts inverter operates hand-in-hand with the long-lasting 2,400 W-h power station.

The built-in top-rated lithium polymer battery cell boosts quality and safety. The secret to longevity is the automobile 3C High Rate Battery Cell. These cells boost the life cycle by 2,500 times.

To ensure that no need is compromised, there is a 12V9A carport for automobile-powered devices such as mini-refrigerators, two AC 110V ports for house devices, one QC PD 45W USB-C for phones, and laptops, four 5V3A USB, and LED lights for emergencies.

Product Features

  • Full charging is completed in nine hours owing to the in-built MPPT controller, which boosts the speed by 40%.
  • It creates zero emissions and no noise.

Goal Zero Yeti 3000 Lithium Portable Power Station

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Goal Zero Yeti stores 3,075 W-h in a lithium battery with a host of power outputs sufficient to operate ten devices simultaneously. Simply push a button to fuel all essentials. Enjoy unlimited power with a unique patented pure sine wave AC inverter.

Product Features

  • The gasoline-free and intuitive machines are safe to use inside the home. It emits no noise and fumes. It can be recharged inside the home too.
  • The user can check usage and control the power station from the manufacturer’s app on their phone.

Goal Zero Yeti 1500X Portable Power Station

The last model on the list possesses everything to be called the best solar generator – from professional-grade power and field-tested in different environments.

The seven ports allow the powering of all devices: a 12V port, two USB-A ports, 12V port, 18-watt USB-C, two 120V AC inverters, and 60-watt USB-C PD.

Product Features

  • Industry-leading innovation and reliable power that can be relied upon, including the 2,000-Watt AC inverter that can operate a big refrigerator for 28 hours.
  • It redefines the user-friendly experience with many protective layers.

Type of Solar Panels

One of the first things you will notice while buying the generator are solar panels. This component has many categories, all different fulfilling needs. Read the descriptions of the major categories below, and decide for yourself which one to purchase:

Monocrystalline Solar Panels

This is perhaps the best panel, which makes them more costly. The most attractive feature of this product is that it yields around 15 to 20% better efficiency. Plus, these have the ability to function higher in extreme temperatures.

Polycrystalline Solar Panels

This panel provides an efficiency rating of 13 to 16%, and it doesn’t operate that impressively in high temperatures. The difference between the above and this panel is that monocrystalline panels are composed of one crystal, but polycrystalline panels are made of many crystals. Polycrystalline panels are more affordable but somewhat lower in quality.

Thin Film Solar Panels

This type is the least efficient and least convenient compared to the other two ones. It yields an efficiency rating between 7 to 13%. That’s why it’s the most budget-friendly option available.

Battery Capacity

The battery storage capacity is of considerable importance when it comes to solar generators. A model with a high battery capacity will offer better off-grid capabilities and vice versa.

It also means that the time it can function without recharging is a long duration. So, look for a unit with maximum battery capacity as much as your budget allows.

Watt-Hour Rating

Watts refers to the power a generator can produce at one time. For off-grid living, calculate the power demands and everyday power consumption, and find a unit that meets your requirements.

After you know the Watt-hour rating of a unit, it can easily be estimated how long it can support your needs. The battery size will decide the time duration for which the off-grid living can be supported.

Input Rate From AC/DC

This value can be calculated in Watts. Aside from the time duration, it’s also important the time required to recharge the unit. For off-grid living, swift recharging through solar panels is a must-have feature.

Generally, most units require ample time to charge via panels as opposed to AC/DC input. However, some models acquire quick charging as well. So, consider this factor. Observe the charging time from the AC outlet.

Inverter Rating

This is another important factor to remember. If a model displays a low inverter rating, it’s impossible to live off-grid. Hence, to ensure that the model is capable of off-grid, see whether the inverter rating is enough for this purpose.


The whole point of a generator is to utilize it whenever the user wishes to. Make sure to only buy a portable power generator.

Most of the solar powered generators are not only compact but are neatly enclosed so that they can be carried away in backpacks or briefcases. Therefore, observe the total weight of the model to judge if it’s a portable power station.

Surge Power Capacity

While shopping for a generator, it is recommended to search for a pure sine wave inverter rating. One can understand the highest power capacity immediately from this figure.

This value primarily applies in the case of motors and refrigerators that can experience a sudden electric power surge, which lasts for a few milliseconds.

The Functioning of a Solar Generator


A solar powered generator contains fuel, which is basically a lithium battery. A costly and big model boasts a large lithium battery and vice versa. The battery size of the model is usually measured in Watt-hours.

These days, an abundance of solar energy is enclosed in lithium-ion or lead-acid batteries. Choose lithium-ion as it’s known to be the most effective choice.

Moreover, lithium-ion batteries are discharged to complete capacity, demand no maintenance, can be employed in any position, and boast a longer lifetime.

Charging and Input

Power can be delivered to the solar generator for off grid through panels, a standard wall outlet, or the car cigarette port. It’s a great perk to charge the unit through multiple methods.

Most models have MC4 cable adapters through which they can be connected to any house panel. MC4 cables are the most common wiring for solar energy arrangements. But with some units, an adapter might be needed.

Solar Inverter

Solar power is always stored as DC, but for off-grid purposes and all other appliances, DC needs to be converted to AC. Therefore, the power inverter within the model allows this conversion.

Each model in the market features different sizes of inverters, and these are primarily measured in watts. The capacity of the inverter determines whether or not off-grid and other desired purposes can be achieved. For instance, an air-conditioner requires a minimum of 1,000 watts.

Plugs and Output

To utilize the stored solar energy, numerous ports and outlets are displayed on the unit. Most of the solar power stations display a host of USB ports for the purpose of charging. A few AC wall plug outlets are available too. Some units also feature a 12V DC outlet.

Solar Charge Controller

This component prevents damage to the portable solar generators caused by charging. Its core responsibility is to restrict the amount of electricity delivered to the battery, even if the panels are creating electricity when they are plugged in. Different names are used for solar charge controllers. Simply, it can be termed as a regulator.

Two types of regulators exist in the market – PWM and MPPT controllers, out of which the latter is better. The MPPT controller is the latest technology with extra efficiency. Some models come with neither of the controllers.

The last figure witnessed in solar generators is the amount of solar input, which is again measured in watts. A few machines can operate with 100 watts of input, while some can handle 2,000 watts. A high solar input reflects the quick speed and greater production of power.

Battery Monitoring System

With solar energy continuously being pushed in and out of the battery, the battery monitoring system is a fancy term for a configuration that shields the component from excessive voltage and other dangerous situations.

It also operates to allow screen displays, which offers a complete report of the present input and output and battery capacity level. A high-quality solar generator should allow the user to view the rate at which electricity is being formed or utilized.

Additional Features

As the demand rises, different solar generator companies provide interesting features to make their offerings unique among the rest in the crowded market.

For the majority of portable machines, a solar generator typically adds a strap or handle to make carrying a mini power plant easy. Some generators even add rare operating modes and built-in LED lights.

How to Maintain a Solar Generator

Without making things more complex, using a solar generator is as simple as pressing the “on” button. When the battery is charged, a solar portable power station is highly intuitive, all because it is very easy to use.

From the most basic modes to the high-end machines, these generators generally contain some outputs, ports, and a power switch. These features are utilized to make charging or off-grid living possible.

This machine can be recharged after the battery is dead or when the battery is half-full and you are using the generator. In this case, it can be utilized constantly under sunlight or taken to a remote area to be used throughout the night.

Best Solar Generators for Off-grid Living FAQs

How many methods exist to charge a solar generator?

There are almost five ways to charge a solar generator:

  • Solar panels
  • With the AC power
  • Wind turbine
  • Gas generator
  • Car’s 12V cigarette plug

Can I use a solar generator in all seasons?

Solar generators are not affected by temperature. Moreover, they have temperature regulators in-built in the system. If the user attempts to utilize or charge the machine at a temperature that is too hot or cold, it will lead to an error code.

This error code is displayed to inform the customer about the restrictions on the unit and to protect the generator against harm. The preferable temperature varies from 50°F to 85°F.

The user can typically discharge the machine below freezing temperatures, but it is impossible to charge the unit from another power source or the sun unless it is above the freezing point.

Why are solar generators more costly?

In simple words, solar generators are costly as they are made of expensive materials. The technology to store and alter usable electricity is costly, particularly when it is compressed down into a small oven’s size.

Even though expensive price tags might avert some potential buyers, the factor that should be considered the most is the permanent advantage of the machine.

Sunlight will always be free, which means that there are no extra costs to pay or operate the power station. With some machines being rated for 1000’s life cycles, the real price of a solar generator is less if compared to the amount of electricity it is capable of generating.

Does a solar generator make a lot of noise?

Some units make an adequate amount of noise. This noise is actually the fan kicking to make sure that the machine is not overheating. The sound is almost unnoticeable and always way more noise-friendly compared to a gas generator.

Final Thoughts

Our guide to the best solar generators in the market and their functioning ends here. We hope all your confusions regarding this technology have been erased.