Best Portable Solar Generators

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Best Portable Solar Generators You Will Ever Need

If you have ever been camping, you must have an idea of the usefulness of a portable generator. Whether running out of mobile phone battery or charging your DSLR to click pictures on your trip, a portable generator is all you need.

But do you get annoyed with the noise and set-up of the traditional ol’ engine generators? Don’t worry! Portable Solar Generators can be a great outlet to ensure a seamless and calming trip.

Here we have handpicked ten of the most useful and best portable solar generators that will always stand as a great emergency backup at all times.

1. Jackery Explorer 500 Portable Generator

Jackery Explorer 500 Portable Generator

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First on our list is the most demanding and versatile generator by Jackery. It’s the size of a basketball, and you can easily carry it anywhere. Be it an outing or a road trip; all your power needs can be taken care of by Explorer 500.

The device is guarded by six-layer protection, which means you are out of any hazardous damage. Packed with a 500 Watts sine wave inverter, Explorer 500 is a feasible option to experience a quiet mesmerizing trip.

Product Features

  • With the 518 wH ample battery capacity, you can charge several electrical appliances, including mobile phones, DSLRs, and laptops. You can even power up your TV for up to seven hours.
  • It weighs 13.3 pounds, which means that you can tuck it anywhere in your backup and take it along on any adventure.
  • The lithium-ion battery gives you a long-lasting power supply, ensuring that you never get into an emergency during your trips.
  • Seven ports and outlets ensure that you’ll never be out of options to charge your appliances.
  • You get a car charger cable and an AC adapter with the solar generator that maximizes your option for charging. Pair it up with a solar panel that charges 80% of your Explorer 500 within 8 hours for a good result.

2. Bluetti 2000 Wh Portable Power Station

Bluetti 2000 Wh Portable Power Station

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If you are a frequent traveler and love to live off-grid, Bluetti is something for you. With large power output and battery capacity, you can charge your devices and operate your electrical tools numerous times.

Plus, it comes with 3 pcs of ETFE solar panels, which can fully charge your solar generators within ten hours. Not only that, it has a screen monitor which shows all the battery and voltage usage. Even if you need it for your home’s power operation, Bluetti is the best in terms of high power output. However, the lead battery can charge slowly, and the heavyweight might not make it feasible for camping.

Product Features

  • It weighs 60.6 pounds which seems quite high, but is reasonable considering the high power capacity.
  • Plus, it has around SEVENTEEN ports. With this many ports, you’ll never complain of running out of outlets for charging your device.
  • The extremely high power rating of 2000 Watts allows you to use many devices simultaneously. It can even run several home appliances at once.
  • You also get three pcs of Bluetti 120 Volt solar panels, allowing you to recharge the power station anywhere. The ETFE solar panels are of high-quality and have clear adjustable kickstands which directly face the sun, increasing and maximizing the solar power absorption.
  • The high battery power capacity of 2000 wH will allow you to store and use the generator for 3500+ hours, which is quite enough for any adventure.

3. Baldr Portable Power Station

Baldr Portable Power Station

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If you want to have a portable solar generator for infrequent use, then this masterpiece by Baldr is what you’re missing. Even if you have any patient in your home suffering from lung problems, Baldr can be a quick fix.

It can power CPAP machines that provide ventilation support to patients. God forbid any emergency occurs, Baldr can solar generator can save the day.

Without any doubt, it’s the best portable device out there. However, some people may complain about its limited capacity and its limitation of charging only with a Baldr solar panel.

Product Features

  • With enough battery capacity (297 wH) and extremely low weight (7.1 pounds), the Baldr power station will come in handy in any of your camping adventures. You can charge laptops, phones, and cameras with it multiple times.
  • Weighing 7.1 pounds, it’s extremely portable and you can fit it literally anywhere. Needless to say, it’s perfect for any adventure.
  • Moreover, the nine ports allow you to charge and operate multiple devices simultaneously.
  • The lithium-ion battery ensures that the power station charges quickly within six hours.
  • The sine wave inverter ensures a pure current flow that operates quietly and prevents any hazard.
  • Baldr has some innovative concepts which allow you to charge your phones wirelessly. Not only that, it has a built-in cooling fan, an Anti-electric system, and lightning mode, which amplifies its uses.

4. EcoFlow Delta Portable Solar Generator

EcoFlow Delta Portable Solar Generator

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If you cannot thrive on little battery capacity, then Ecoflow delta is definitely for you. Stay carefree on your road trips, hiking adventures, and fire camping with 13 portable ports of Ecoflow.

With a nominal weight and large battery capacity, Ecoflow Delta will operate quietly for multiple electrical devices. However, some people complain that it has a complex port structure, making it difficult to navigate the ports. Also, the power capacity might be low on some occasions.

Product Features

  • The high power output of 3300W enables you to charge numerous devices, including mobiles, drones, car appliances, home appliances, refrigerators, and TV.
  • The innovative X-stream technology allows you to charge the 1260 wH power capacity within two hours by any wall outlet or power adapter. Not only that, you can use any type of solar panel to charge it completely within four hours.
  • It has a fully integrated LCD screen, that allows you to monitor the charge, temperature, and power readings to avoid any overloading damages. Hence, you no longer have to worry about any malfunction issues with your solar generator.
  • It weighs 30.3 pounds, which is quite interesting considering it’s high power capacity. You can even take it for any of your hiking or camping adventures.

5. Wagan Solar e Power Cube 1500 Plus

Wagan Solar e Power Cube 1500 Plus

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The Wagan Solar generator is quite different compared to other types of generators. By using a gel hybrid, you can forget about battery problems because it is leak-free and will last for a long time as compared to other types.

It’s the most user-friendly design since you don’t need any gasoline or any type of set-up. When you purchase it, it’s simply ready to use. With a wide array of ports and an ample power output of 1500W, Wagan is a perfect generator for charging laptops, mobiles, and other appliances in remote places.

However, the plastic body of the generator might not be durable, and the modified sine wave may cause the generator to run at low power.

Product Features

  • It has a massive weight of 120 pounds, but it doesn’t matter due to its compact design. With heavy wheels and handles, you can roll it like a luggage bag, making it suitable for any camping adventure.
  • You get access to six total outlets and ports, including USB ports, AC, and DC outlets.
  • The generator comes equipped with five built-in solar panels of a total of 80W, which allows it to easily charge the gel batteries.
  • It’s even expandable; you can even add on more solar panels and batteries to increase power capacity.

6. Generark Solar Generators

Generark Solar Generators

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If you’re planning for a long camping adventure or hiking experience, you must consider taking the Generark solar generator with you. You can set it up within 30 seconds without any hassle. It has a lightweight design, and its solar panel has an adjustable kickback, allowing it to capture maximum sunlight for charging your generator.

It’s reliably safe with six protection modules, preventing fire hazards. However, it may not live up to claims of power, i.e., producing less power output than advertised.

Product Features

  • it’s not too heavy – only 23 pounds, making it a perfect go-to generator for trips.
  • With a long-lasting 1000 wH battery capacity of up to seven days, you’ll get high power output to charge and run your electronic devices, home appliances, and tools.
  • You have high compatibility with seven multi-use ports, allowing you to operate multiple devices simultaneously
  • You get adjustable solar panels which have 32 cells, making the generator charge much faster. Hence, you’ll never be left worried about running out of power.
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7. EF Ecoflow River Pro

EF Ecoflow River Pro

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We saw that the Ecoflow delta was a viable solar generator with high output. If you’re looking for a cheap option with low power output, River pro is the best edition for you. Ranging from kitchen appliances to gadgets, you can expect any of them to work with River Pro.

Plus, it’s expandable. If you want, you can increase your 720 wH capacity to 1440 wH. With a LED monitor screen, this is the best portable device for any of your adventures. However, it may require an Internet connection for mobile app operation, and the River Pro might produce less output.

Product Features

  • It is lightweight, only 16.8 pounds. Hence, you can take it for any of your adventures for infrequent uses.
  • With 600 Watts power, it can run and charge any of your electrical appliances within the range. The X-boost option can help you power devices up to 1200 W.
  • It has around ten ports, including 3 AC outlets and USB ports, providing you with enough options to charge as many devices as you like without any noise.
  • It has X-stream technology, enabling you to charge the entire generator within 1.6 hours.

8. Renogy Lycan 5000 PowerBox

Renogy Lycan 5000 PowerBox

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We have so far looked at options that you can carry for your trips and use for menial electrical charges. Now, let us unleash you something that can power up your entire home in case of any power outages – Renogy Lycan.

You can even connect the generator to your home’s main switchboard and get a 24/7 Uninterrupted power supply. It comes equipped with a mobile app, enabling you to monitor your power distribution. The high power rating and battery capacity makes this solar generator perfect for home use.

However, you cannot take it for camping as it’s very heavy (260 pounds) for transporting. Plus, it has only 3 AC outlets, which means you cannot power many big home appliances simultaneously.

Product Features

  • It has a massive 4800 Wh battery capacity, which means you can have power for long durations of power outages.
  • With 3500 W power output and peak output of 7000 W, the solar generator will provide a ton of energy to keep all heavy devices of your home working in fine condition.
  • You can charge it with an AC adaptor and solar panels in as little as 1.6 hours.
  • You can expand this machine into a monster of 19.2 kWh to power all your home appliances in case of frequent and longer power outages..
  • It has circuit breakers and high-quality lithium-ion batteries that run for at least ten years if you use them daily, increasing its durability and protection.

9. Westinghouse iGen600s Portable Power Station

Westinghouse iGen600s Portable Power Station

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Here we bring you another functional and portable solar generator that you can take anywhere easily – it can even fit in a bag. From electrical gadgets such as drones, laptops, Gopros, Mobiles to home appliances like TVs and Fridge, you can power or charge anything with Westinghouse, which makes it a perfect solar generator for backup during power outages or emergencies.

You can charge the generator in FOUR ways, including solar panels, generator, car, or wall charger. Plus, If you have an adventure ahead and want some time alone, this is one of the best things for you. However, the plastic structure might not be too strong and may wear out if not taken care of.

Product Features

  • It weighs only 11.3 pounds, making it suitable to carry in your car for camping, hiking trips, and road trips.
  • It has lithium-ion batteries that speed up the process of charging your portable power station in as little as 3-4 hours.
  • Although it has 600 Watts Rated Power output, you can take it up to a peak of 1200 Watts, enabling you to run multiple devices.
  • It’s equipped with three AC, three DC outlets, and several USB ports, making it versatile and efficient at charging various kinds of devices.
  • It has innovative new features such as LED data centers that makes monitoring easier. Also, it’s equipped with flashlights which can come in handy in dark surroundings.

10. Goal Zero Yeti 1500X

Goal Zero Yeti 1500X

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If you want to spend some time off-grid and need electrical charging tools or if you want to have a backup emergency generator for your home use, we bring to you another versatile solar generator, i.eGoal Zero Yeti 1500.

It can charge from multiple sources, including solar panels, car, or wall outlets. Plus, the lithium batteries can charge quickly, in as little as four hours, which is a plus point. For a constant energy supply with no noise, Goal zero is your way to go.

If you need more power capacity, consider checking other versions of Goal Zero Yeti that can provide up to 6000 W output. However, it may not live up to its efficiency, and the charge can end before the advertised time.

Product Features:

  • It has a 1516 Wh battery capacity, which is ample and can last for several days.
  • With its high power rating of 2000W, you can charge your mobile phone up to 127 times, and you can even power a fridge for 28 hours.
  • It has a standard weight of 45 pounds, which neither makes it lighter or too heavy. Hence, you can use it for your home or for outside adventures both.
  • It has seven different output ports, including USB and AC/DC outlets, that allows you to charge and power anything.
  • The Yeti App 3.0 enables you to monitor the power usage from anywhere.

Buyer’s Guide – What you Need to Know Before Purchasing a Solar Generator

We have listed ten irresistible solar power generators options above. We understand that you might have difficulty deciding the best one for yourself. Don’t worry, here we have identified several factors which can help you choose the best generator.

Usage/Electricity Needs

When choosing a solar generator, it all comes down to your electrical needs. Start by considering what devices you need to charge or use when you’re off-grid and camping. Perhaps you might want to power your projector or a small refrigerator, which requires a high power rating and capacity. Hence, you must go for big generators like Goal Zero Yeti or Ecoflow Delta.

Similarly, any portable generator, especially Jackery 500, would work for you if you just need to charge your devices.

Choose Outlets Carefully

Many solar generators mentioned above have enough USB portals. However, you may not even need all of them. The best approach is to purchase a generator with ample AC outlets for running heavy appliances.

Charging Speed

You are out on a camping trip, and you find out your solar powered generator dies within the initial hours. Now it’s taking forever to charge up. Wouldn’t that make emergency problems for you? Hence, considering battery capacity and charging speed is essential. Plus, it follows that the higher the power output, the more solar panels you’ll need to charge the generator.

In these cases, Ecoflow is the best in terms of charging speed. With its X-treme technology, you can charge your devices quickly.

Need For Solar Panels

In this case, cost and investment plans play a crucial role. Several portable solar generators come equipped with solar panels. But some of them might require you to purchase them separately. If you are fine with charging your generator with car or wall outlets, then there’s no need.

But if you want solar panel charging, Bluetti 2000 is the best since you get three pcs of its solar panels.


Trips and adventures are all about portability. You want to store maximum useful appliances in little spaces. If planning for a road trip and you need a small solar power generator, the Baldr portable power station is handy due to its low weight (7.1 pounds). If you have more power capacity needs, Generark will work best for you.

Battery Capacity

Another important consideration is battery capacity. If you need generators for infrequent use, then any of them would work. In contrast, if you want an emergency backup to power your entire home, look no further than Renogy Lycan.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a solar generator?

They are devices used to power up your appliances in case of a power outage or if you are camping in an off-grid location. Most of them have solar panels, which means they charge using the sun’s power. Almost all of them have several ports, AC/DC outlets, and LED monitoring displays.

How does a solar generator work?

A solar generator powers up your appliances by using the stored energy captured by solar panels, car, or grid charging. The battery converts the solar energy into electrical energy, driving your appliances.

What are the benefits of a solar generator?

There are popular and much better than their counterparts in the following ways:

  • Generate clean energy.
  • Most pure sine wave inverters make no noise during operation.
  • There’s no fuel and lubricants, minimizing the maintenance cost.
  • Most of them are portable, and you can tuck them in your bag and carry them anywhere.

How to determine the size of a solar generator?

Battery capacity and power rating are used to determine the size of a solar generator. The battery capacity measured in wH lets you know how many times it can run a particular appliance.

On the other hand, the power rating shows the total current that can flow at a particular time. For example, a 1000W generator can power a 330W coffee maker, a 110W fridge, and a 60W laptop. Even then, you have some power left to charge other appliances like cameras and mobile phones.

What type of batteries is the best?

Undoubtedly, Lithium-ion batteries are the best due to the following features:

  • Lithium batteries have more energy density, making them suitable to power heavy appliances.
  • They can last longer.


Solar generators are a blessing in times of emergency. Imagine being stuck at an off-grid station with no light and no charge of your devices. Only a solar generator power can emerge as a savior in such times.

Do you also want to keep emergency backups in your homes? Or want to have a seamless and painless adventure without worrying about the charge of your phones and just living the moment?

Solar generators should be at the top of your packing list. Browse through all these best solar powered generators and find the one that will meet your needs effectively.