These Are the Best Portable RV Generators

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Best Generator for RV

Having a quality generator could completely reshape the way you use RVs or a travel trailer. Less frequent resupplying, less humming, less maintenance, and better fuel efficiency are just some of the most notable benefits of having a good generator.

Better-quality RVs already come supplied with a built-in generator. However, these are sometimes too small, too weak, or too loud for convenience.

That’s why we’re here today with the list of the best generator for RV reviews; stick with us for a while to gain more insight regarding why do you even need an RV generator in the first place, what to look for in an RV generator, and which are some of the finest models on the market.

Our reply to the question: Why should I buy a generator for your RV?

There are dozens of benefits you could potentially reap if you upgrade your RV’s generator without spending a small fortune.

Also, a poor-quality generator will not only inconvenience you, but it will ultimately end up costing more through high maintenance costs, frequent repairs, poor fuel economy, and so on. You will be able to address all of these issues while also having the opportunity to choose the specifications that best suit your particular RV, such as wattage, dimensions, and noise level.

The Best Generators for RV: Top 5 reviews

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Overall Champion –Briggs & Stratton P2200 Power Smart Series Inverter Power Generator

In addition to being the best generator for RV for the price, B&S’s P2200 inverter generator is also among the best-rounded low-wattage generators available for the buck.

This generator sports 2,200 watts of power and weighs only 55 pounds. Also, it packs a built-in carry handle that further boosts its compactness. The connectivity of B&S P2200 is also great – it packs two 120/240V outlets, a DC 12V port, and a parallel-ready socket.

Briggs & Stratton’s P2200 is powered by the 111CC engine, which promises a lot in terms of fuel efficiency and quietness.  Another feature we liked is the 1-gallon fuel reservoir, which can store enough fuel for approximately six and half hours of operation while performing at 25% capacity.

This machine is fairly durable, although it’s relatively harder to maintain than most open-frame generators. On the brighter side, Briggs & Stratton’s P2200 does not have any major flaws and offers all of the aforementioned benefits at probably the best price for this quality of performance. Overall, this is the best RV generator for users with standard demands.


  • 2,200 watts of power
  • Weighs only 55 pounds
  • Strong and quiet 111CC engine
  • Superb connectivity
  • Parallel-ready


  • Relatively difficult to maintain
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Best Compact RV Generator – A-iPower S2000iV 2000-Watt Inverter Power Generator

Today’s runner-up on our list of portable generators pick is A-iPower’s S2000iV, which is a 2,000-watt machine that offers compactness, a near-soundless performance, and exceptional connectivity.

A-iPower’s S2000iV is similar to B&S P2200 in many ways – they’re almost identically sized, they both weigh around 55 pounds, and they’re both remarkably quiet.

However, the reasons why this RV generator is slightly inferior lie in its fuel economy, wattage, and engine strength.

While P2200 sports a 111CC engine, the A-iPower’s S2000iV is powered by a 79CC one. Also, one would think that the bigger fuel reservoir of S2000iV is a stronger feature when compared to B&S P2200. However, it’s inferior because it can only offer as many as seven hours of work time at 50% capacity.

To be frank, the S2000iV portable generator is quieter – its emissions are measured roughly at 52 decibels. It’s also slightly more affordable while it’s almost identical to B&S P2200 in terms of durability. Not one of the best in terms of fuel, but it’s still not surprising that a solid customer percent goes with this one, especially if they like to camp and run over to the nature with heir vehicle every once in a while.


  • The unit offers 2,000 watts of power
  • Weighs approximately 55 pounds
  • Superb connectivity
  • A decently affordable portable generator
  • Compact and fairly durable


  • Mediocre fuel economy
  • Relatively difficult to maintain

Mid-Range RV Generator Champion – Briggs & Stratton P4500 Power Smart Series Inverter Generator

Next up on our portable generators rundown, we have the latest edition to Briggs & Stratton’s Power Smart Series – the P4500 Inverter Generator. Another pretty good choice. Essentially, this is an excellent choice for people who need electrical power for multiple devices as it’s twice as strong as our previous two picks.

The P4500 earned its name because it boasts 4,500 watts of power. Some may argue this is a bit of overkill for RVs, but the extra juice could be used for outdoor lights, indoor appliances, and backup generators.

Aside from being stronger, B&S P4500 also comes supplied with a bigger fuel tank that can accommodate up to 3.5 gallons of fuel. Moreover, its fuel economy is superior to most similarly priced generators – it offers 16 hours of operation while at 25% capacity.

What’s surprising is the fact that such a strong machine is so quiet – the emissions of this RV generator are rated at 61 decibels on average.

Even though this portable generator is considerably bigger and heavier than our previous picks, it’s decently durable due to the plastic wheels it comes supplied with. The wheels are rather flimsy and can’t handle every type of terrain, but they should come in handy for typical moving tasks.

Also, Briggs & Stratton’s P4500 is slightly more expensive than A-iPower’s S2000iV and P2200, but it still offers a tremendous band for the buck. One of the best in the field of portable generators, for sure. The fuel economy on this unit is off the charts. If that’s one of your key factors, you need to check out this fella. A sturdy case too.


  • Built for the long run
  • Decently portable
  • Superb fuel economy
  • Parallel-ready unit
  • 4,500 watts of power


  • A little pricey
  • Big and bulky

Best Whisper-Quiet Generator for RV – WEN 56203i 2000-watt Portable Inverter Generator

WEN’s 56203i is among the quietest RV generators with 51-decibel sonic emissions. Even though it’s may not be the strongest machine on the market, it’s substantially quieter and more compact than most low-end generators. It can run almost silently as far as good power RV generators go.

This model offers 2,000 watts, provided by the 79CC four-stroke engine. An obvious flaw of this champion is that it’s slightly slower and weaker than some of our previous picks, but it’s strong enough to cater to the needs of a standard RV motor.

Another huge benefit of WEN’s 56203i lies in its weight. Namely, the 56203i weighs barely 39 pounds, which makes it superior to all of the models we’ve covered so far. It’s also supplied with two 120V receptacles, two USB ports, a single DC 12V slot, and two parallel connectors. The case is fairly light, the price is good, the engine is quiet. If those peak watts suit you, it’s not possible to find much of a drawback for this power portable generator.


  • Among the quietest generators on the market
  • Excellent dimensions
  • Easy to store and maintain
  • Portable and lightweight
  • Affordable


  • Relatively weak engine
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Best Budget-Friendly Generator for RV – A-iPower SUA2000iV Portable Inverter Generator

Our final pick is another model from A-iPower’s catalog – the SUA2000iV. This is a gas-powered 2,000-watt inverter generator that is arguably the best generator for RV in the budget price point category.

It’s decently light as it weighs only 50 pounds, and it’s a tad smaller than our previous A-iPower pick (S2000iV). Speaking of which, these two models share a couple of similarities – they’re both parallel-ready, they both excel in compactness, and they’re both far quieter than you’d suspect.

One of the most notable benefits of this model is affordability. However, its connectivity is somewhat limited, and it’s not exactly the sturdiest RV generator available. Even so, it offers tremendous value for the cash and is among the finest generators you could hook up to a recreational vehicle. A good choice for camp folks, one of the popular options among the recreational camper crowd.


  • Highly affordable
  • 2,000 watts
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Parallel-ready
  • Whisper-quiet performance


  • Limited connectivity
  • Relatively flimsy

Portable generator for RV – the buying guide

In a nutshell, an RV generator shouldn’t take up too much space, it should be decently quiet, and it should be strong enough to provide consistent power to your RV’s engine and other electrical devices. Here are some of the most important factors you should take into consideration when searching for the best generator for RV:

Generator type, fuel

Generators are categorized into numerous groups depending on their main characteristics – typically the type of fuel they use, wattage, and size generator for an RV. You need to make sure that you choose the right size generator for your application.

Smaller, lighter models are shortly called ’portable’ generators – these are much better for RVs or a travel trailer as opposed to their bulky industrial-grade generators as you don’t want to expend more space than needed.

The term ’wattage’ can refer to a variety of things – while ’initial wattage’ states the amount of power needed to run the device, ’surge wattage’ refers to the maximal amount of power a generator can yield. Typically, the ’wattage specification’ in generators refers to the latter.

Fuel is also an important factor to consider in more ways than one. Each fuel type possesses its strengths and flaws – for example, propane generators are more eco-friendly than diesel, but diesel generators tend to be more durable. Inverter generators also run on gasoline, but they offer superior fuel economy (while being a bit more expensive). You can even find some that are dual-fuel generators.

Finally, price is an important factor as well. All of the mention aspects also have a direct impact on the price of any model; it may be wise to invest a bit more cash in a quality generator as you probably won’t need to buy another one in years, if not decades. If you stick to these key options, you will be one happy camper.


Conclusion – RV Generators deliver those watts!

If you’ve consulted our buying guide and top reviews, finding the best generator for an RV should not be too hard.

After all, these generators are some of the finest on the market and offer superior value for the money; at the same time, knowing the criteria we used to evaluate the performance of each model should give you more insight into its quality and potential shortcomings. We hope that you’ve found the model that is capable of catering to your needs in our review of the best generators for RV. Feel free to hit us up with additional RV generator questions, we’d love to reply. Stay safe!