The Best Portable Generators Generac Has to Offer

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Do they mean business? Why should I buy a Generac portable generator?

First and foremost, Generac is an extremely reputable brand in the generator industry. Aside from the fact that they’ve been around the market for nearly a century, they’ve received numerous accolades from Plant Engineering, the Good-Housekeeping Seal, and various others.

The design of Generac generators is also authentic and exquisite. We’ve mainly picked models that rock the open-frame design, although even the enclosed models are superior in terms of convenience and accessibility.

Furthermore, Generac offers a vast array of different generator series, allowing you to pick and choose models across a huge range of wattage levels, sizes, strength, and transportability.

Generac is also widely recognized for its top-shelf features that they supply their machines with. It seems that they always have convenience in mind when designing their generators as the vast majority of their generators sport the latest versions of electric recoil start-up, huge fuel reservoirs, extended runtime, and impeccably durable frames.

Last, but certainly not least, Generac generators absolutely excel in portability – even the unwieldy ‘wheel-less’ models. Generators made by this brand are made of robust materials, but they’re also decently light. Let’s now dive into the best products with a list of five reviews of top portable Generac power generators money can buy in 2021. We’ll compare the products, include a few free tips, and allow you to view details you need to know in order to find what suits your home or business. The reviews await below!

Best Products: Top 5 Generac Portable Generators Review You Can Find

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Best Overall Power Generator – Generac 7676 GP8000E Portable, 10,000 Watts

Our top pick of the day is Generac’s 7676 Portable – a well-rounded machine that offers an optimal balance between weight, wattage, fuel capacity, and connectivity.

The main reason why this may be one of the best Generac portable generators is that it’s supplied with a remarkable set of utility features. It packs the advanced battery-powered electric start-up mechanism; it’s substantially faster than analog recoil start-up mode. However, you’ll have to keep watch over the battery levels as it doesn’t feature an alternative ignition system.

As far as power is of concern, Generac’s 7676 offers 10 starting KWs and 8 running KWs, which makes it perfect for home use and light-duty industrial tasks.

One of the most exquisite features of Generac’s 7676 is Power Rush technology; essentially, this feature augments the initial capacity of the machine to generate and deliver consistent power.

Another feature that we also liked is the huge fuel reservoir made of high-quality steel. Namely, aside from the fact that it’s remarkably sturdy, it’s also large enough to hold fuel worth 11 hours of run time. Great delivery on all fronts, one of the prime products you can select.

Lastly, the Generac 7676 portable generator is supplied with 4 120V receptacles, one 120/240V slot, and a 30A AC breaker. All of the outlets are protected with plastic covers.

The best thing about this Generac model is that it doesn’t quite have any major flaws. The only thing that we think leaves some room for improvement is the plastic protective case that shields the 420CC motor. Overall, this machine is well-built, sturdy, strong, and well worth the money. This is a great find that has five stars written all over it. Let’s write down the pros and cons now.


  • Built to last, yet portable
  • 10,000 watts of power
  • Battery-powered electric start-up mechanism
  • Huge fuel reservoir made of sturdy steel
  • Durable all-terrain tires
  • Decently simple to setup


  • Flimsy engine protection

Best Home Backup Power Generator – Generac 7682 GP6500E Portable – 6,500 Watt Electric – Orange, Black

Generac portable generators are generally perfect for people who are frequently moving out, but this particular model is more versatile – it’s a great option for campers, outdoorsmen, tailgaters, RV owners, and pretty much anyone.

The 7682 generator features advanced Power Rush technology – while the version supplied to 7676 offers a 30% increase in initial generator power, this version offers a boost of an additional 10%. In plain words, the 7682 may be a bit weaker given the fact that it packs 6500 watts of power, but it offers more explosive power and performs faster than its slightly stronger counterpart.

In comparison to our top pick, Generac’s 7682 is smaller, lighter, and slightly more portable overall. However, it also features a large-capacity fuel reservoir that offers 10.5 hours of total work time while at 50% capacity.

The heavy-duty steel frame outfitted to 7682 is equally sturdy as the ones supplied to other generators in the series. Furthermore, this generator shares several other features with 7676, including the battery-powered electric start-up, an oil funnel, and a sturdy OHV engine.

All things considered, we would warmly recommend this generator to people who are looking for a portable generator that is just a tad more approachable price-wise while being just slightly weaker. Definitely a product you need to include on a review list like this one.


  • 6,500 watts of power for your home
  • Large-capacity fuel reservoir
  • Fairly affordable, very portable
  • 10.5-hour work time while at 50% capacity
  • Improved Power Rush technology


  • Requires more frequent maintenance than Generac 7676

Best Mid-range Power Generator for Work – Generac 7678 GP3600 Portable

The Generac 7678 GP3600 is the last model on our list from the Power Rush series. It offers 4,500 watts of power, a large fuel reservoir, and the same type of connectivity as its stronger counterparts.

In a nutshell, you’ll get four 120V outlets and a single 120/240V socket, a 104.7-pound workhorse, and a least demanding portable generator within the Power Rush generation in terms of maintenance.

Some of the features you may recognize from earlier models include the electric start-up, the big & sturdy fuel tank, and the reliable OHV engine.

While Generac’s 7678 doesn’t bring too many innovations to the table, there are a couple of features that some of the bigger and more expensive models do not come supplied with – such is, for example, the low-oil automatic shutoff feature.

What separates this Generac model from our previous picks is its size and design. Namely, it’s significantly smaller and lighter, making it one of the finest Generac portable generators within this series.

However, it’s also one of the weakest in the Generac catalog, excluding the several handheld inverter generators.

The 7678 is outfitted with remarkably sturdy all-terrain wheels. Even though they don’t share the same design with most Generac models, they share the same specifications and functionalities.

Overall, one of the best things about Generac 7678 is the fact that it offers the same types and amounts of receptacles while being drastically more affordable. However, the downside is that it’s only strong enough to power smaller devices, such as laptops or cell phones.


  • Very affordable for a portable home model
  • Top-quality OHV engine
  • Sturdy steel construction
  • Exceptional portability
  • Four 120V receptacles and one 120/240V receptacle


  • One of the weakest Generac portable generators in the Power Rush series

Best Light-duty Powered Generator – Generac 5939 GP5500 Portable Generator – 5,500 Watts

The first thing that separates Generac’s 5939 from the Power Rush models is its design. It shares a lot of similarities with 7676 and 7682 in terms of connectivity mostly, but there are also dozens of features that are completely unique to this model.

Basically, the open-frame design provides better accessibility to the engine and the fuel tank, making the maintenance process overall much easier and quicker.

This Generac portable generator is supplied with a 389CC engine; even though it’s slightly weaker than the engine supplied to generators in the Power Rush series, it still offers consistent, reliable performance.

As mentioned earlier, Generac’s 5939 features four 120V receptacles and one 120/240V outlet, but the only difference here is that the latter is positioned at the left side (Power Rush generators feature 120/240V at the right side) of the display board.

The fuel reservoir mounted on the Generac’s 5939 is smaller in comparison to our earlier picks, but it’s still large enough to provide roughly ten hours of total run time for you to work with.

One of the features that we liked the most is the fold-down handle. However, the Generac’s 5939 generator is pretty heavy, weighing approximately 180 pounds.


  • Simple maintenance
  • Excellent runtime
  • Fold-down handle for superb portability
  • Variety of utility features
  • 5,500 watts of power for your home


  • Heavy

Best Budget-Friendly – Generac 7117 Inverter Orange Portable Generator

The last model on our review view is the Generac 7117 inverter generator. In a nutshell, this may be the best model among the low-end Generac portable generators as it’s the smallest and lightest.

It weighs only 46 pounds and is several times smaller in comparison to gasoline powered Generac portable generator models generators we’ve reviewed so far. Obviously, it’s also much weaker as it offers only 2,200 watts of power, but is great for easy shipping. Still, the power aspect is nothing to write home about when we compare it to some other models. However, the watt figure is not what makes a great product here, and the listed power could be ideal for you based on your home needs.

The 7117 is a handheld inverter generator that packs a 1.2-gallon fuel tank. What makes it stand out from its bigger and stronger counterparts is the fact that it’s substantially eco-friendlier and quieter. It also comes supplied with a built-in carry handle and onboard control knobs that offer easy access to most startup functionalities.

One of the best features of Generac’s 7117 is the economy mode – while on, this mode makes the generator even quieter while at the same time optimizing its fuel consumption rate. Lastly, it’s parallel-ready, which means that you can connect an additional inverter generator to it.


  • Quiet and environmentally friendly
  • Built-in carry handle to take home
  • Lightweight and small
  • Easy to store and maintain


  • Only 2,200 watts of power
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Conclusion – These guys mean business!

The Generac portable generator catalog is broader than the five models we chose to review. However, taking into account factors such as price, value, convenience, and sturdiness, it was relatively easy to separate bigger, bulkier, and more expensive models from more affordable and lightweight ones. We hope you found a generator on our list that is capable of fulfilling your needs.