Best 4000 Watt Generators Buying Guide and Top Reviews

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best 4000 watt generator

Let me guess.

You are thinking of buying a 4000 watt generator to power your home or for RVs and camping needs.

But wait a minute.

You want to know precisely how a 4000 watt inverter generator work before even you shell out your hard-earned cash.

So the questions racing on your mind are:

How much do they cost?

Do they provide enough power?

And of course: “How much noise do they produce?

 In this best 4000 watt generator review, you will discover the answers to the questions you have in mind. Most importantly, the best generators we recommend you buy now if you need an excellent 4000-watt generator.

But before we get ahead of ourselves, let’s answer the following question:

Can a 4000 Watt Generator Provide Enough Power?

There’s no more excellent answer for that, and I would be lying if I provide a clear solution. What I know is, even a generator providing 12 to 15k watts may not be enough for your household.

For RVs alone, the 4000 watt is enough and is a perfect choice. Most RVs have a 30 A socket that connects perfectly well with a 4000-watt generator. That’s because a 120 V 4000 watt will work excellent with a 33-3A.

If you have a large RVs, you will want to consider a 50 A socket which will need you to have 6000 watts. The main thing you have to pay attention to is the air conditioner because it draws out 3,500 watts for it to start running and 1,500 watts for operation. If you have a 7,000 BTU air conditioner, rest assured it will work well with the 4000-watt inverter generator.

If you are at home, one thing you have to keep in mind is the air conditioner and refrigerator will consume a lot of power. Heavy-duty appliances like heat pumps and large furnaces will need and consume more power even if they are labeled energy star appliances.

Using energy star appliances means you are using half the wattage needed for the same equipment that doesn’t have an energy star rating.

One thing you need to do first before buying a 4000-watt inverter generator is. First, you need to calculate the total wattage of all the electrical appliances you will need in the event of power outages. Once you have the right numbers, then you can know for sure if a 4000 watt will be perfect for you or not.

Factors to Remember When Buying a 4000 Watt Generator

Inverter Technology

An inverter generator is more advanced than a conventional generator. An inverter generator produces clean power. They are small and portable, that’s why you can carry them around with ease.

Most inverter generators run at 3.600 RPM and are ideal solutions for RVs. If you have kids at home, you’ll want a super quiet generator.

Most inverter generators are super quiet. The Westinghouse iPro4200 is one of the best inverter generators because it runs for 15 hours at 50%. Its noise level ranges from 52 to 59 dB(A) less than the normal conversation.

Starting And Running Watts

An inverter generator with a high starting wattage means that you can start a big machine like AC within a short amount of time. The extra watts are crucial if you want to begin motor-driven devices like a refrigerator, air-conditioner, and water pump.

Operating watts is always consistent. If you have large power appliances at home, always pay attention to a generators’ starting watts.

Fuel Tank Capacity


Fuel efficiency is an essential consideration of the generator’s fuel tank capacity. For instance, the Briggs and Stratton 30676 has a four-gallon tank and runs for 14 hours at 50% load capacity.

Interestingly, the DuroStar DS4000s  features a four-gallon tank but has a short runtime of 4 hours at the same load capacity.

That implies you need to consider a generator’s runtime because it will mean fewer oil refills. That way, you save more fuel. If you are looking for an efficient fuel generator, you can’t go wrong with the Westinghouse iPro4200. Its 2.6 gallons can get you to 15 hours at the same load.


There is a connection between runtime and fuel efficiency. An excellent generator should last for 10 hours at a 50% load. That way, you can sleep well during the night without waking up to refuel it.

The excellent news is Briggs and Stratton, and Westinghouse iPro4200  have 14hours  and 15 hours run time respectively. They make an excellent choice for you.

Number of Outlets

The generator you choose needs to have at least four outlets. You need a 30 AMP locking type outlet if you have large appliances. For instance, Champion Power 100302 has a 30AMP outlet.

Noise level

When choosing an inverter generator, you must consider the noise level. Most importantly, you also need to know how much it makes when it starts. Noise is a big concern if you are planning to use a generator for camping or  RVs.

You don’t want to have a generator that is so loud to the extent that it wakes people in the campsite or your neighbors at home.

Any generator that has a large engine will always produce more noise. A good generator with a low noise level from our list is the Westinghouse and DuroStar.


The Eco-throttle system allows the engine to automatically adjust the speed, therefore, producing enough power to meet most of your specific needs. If you compare this to a traditional generator that operates at 3600 RPM, the generator with eco-throttle works efficiently while maintaining the power and frequency.

If your generator is not running at full speed, the eco-throttle will decrease the fuel consumption by 35%. That way, it will save you lots of fuel.

Comparison of  Top 7 4000 Watt Generators

Review of Best 4000 Watt Generator

1. Westinghouse iPro4200

Westinghouse iPro4200 Portable Industrial Inverter Generator - 3500 Rated Watts & 4200 Peak Watts - Gas Powered - OSHA & CARB Compliant

There’s an added value of having an inverter generator which means your electronic equipment will be protected. That’s why having an inverter generator makes sense in the first place.

But that’s not all. There is excellent efficiency and low noise levels in the event when the generator is not supplying a large load. If you compare the Westinghouse iPro4200 to most 4000-watt inverter generators, the price is reasonable. Reasonable if you consider it as an inverter generator and the built-in specification that comes with it.

Its 4-stroke engine runs excellent providing 5.8HP. It manages load requirements without too much strain. Since it is an open frame generator, I didn’t expect it to be super quiet. Its engine is excellent in terms of emission levels because it meets both EPA and CARB emission standards.

The unfortunate thing is, it’s not CSA approved, which means it can’t be sold in Canada. Its Muffler comes with a spark arrestor, which means, you are safe to use in the forests and national parks.

The other safety features on this generator include a low oil shut that protects the engine and OSHA compliant GFC. The circuit breaks in those generators protect all the outlets. Its automatic voltage regulator makes the voltage stable and protects the equipment from power surges.

Its power output is higher than 4000 watts. That means it beats every other unit in terms of a higher watt of 3500w (29A), makes it an excellent generator for operating power-hungry devices. That also means you can run a 15,000 BTU RV air conditioner without any problem.

With this kind of load, you won’t have any power to spare. If you have a portable AC, two refrigerators, household equipment, trust me, the Westinghouse will deliver lots of power without any problem. Imagine having this benefit with an electronic inverter that provides true sine waves current and less than 3% Total Harmonic Distortion (THD).

Since it is an inverter generator, it has an economical switch control panel that allows it to run a lower rev when the electricity is little. That reduces fuel consumption and noise. And because of that, the generator can run for 24 hours at a 25% load from its 4gallon gas tank.

Besides that, the generator comes with an easy to control panel that’s easy to understand. When it comes to the outlet, the generator has six 120v household outlets.

Each of those outlets has a circuit breaker beneath them housed in a plastic cover. That way, these outlets are protected from dust and moisture.

The only thing you’ll be disappointed with is, it doesn’t have a 30A outlet or transfer switch. Or a parallel connection like other inverter generators.

On the flip side, it does have a 5v USB port and warning lights. Apart from this, there are not many bells and whistles. Thanks to its rugged steel frame and steel gas tanks which is a sign of proof it will last long.


  • Inverter
  • Full GFCI panel
  • High run time


  • No electric starter.
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2. Yamaha EF4500iSE

Yamaha EF4500iSE, 4000 Running Watts/4500 Starting Watts, Gas Powered Portable Inverter

This 4000-watt inverter generator from Yamaha can run for 15.2 hours at 25% load. The generator has an electric starter and wireless remote control for starting the engine. Its oil warning system will alert you when the level goes down.

That way it will protect the engine from exhaustion. The generator produces between 58 to 60 decibels of noise. But that’s not all.

The built-in noise block sound reduction system, which lowers the noise even further. The generator has the following outlets:

  • One 30A RV twist-lock outlet
  • Two 120v 20A outlet

The only outlet this generator doesn’t have is the 12V DC outlet. On the control panel, you’ll see a power bar indicator and an hour meter which helps in excellent reading. If you want to know the amount of fuel, you can always check the gas gauge.

The generator also meets the California Air Resource Board and EPA standards. The biggest benefit of using this generator is the compact size to means you can take it on a road trip or elsewhere.

The EF4500iSE provides 4500 watts as starting watts and 4000 watts. This is enough power to operate a 15000 BTU RV air conditioner.

Since it only accepts 120-volt AC current, this generator won’t work with 240-volt appliances. The maximum amps it can generate is 37.5 amps surge power and 33 amps regular rated power

Since this generator has 30amps receptacles, it means that it is perfect for recreational activities and travel trailers. The only disadvantage is that it costs more than $3000. But considering the quality and reliability of this generator, we think the price is worth it.


  • CARB Compliant
  • 3-year warranty
  • Runs for 15 hours at 25% load
  • Produces clean energy
  • Comes with an electric start mechanism


  • No 12V DC outlet
  • No 240V DC outlet
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3. Pulsar PG4000ISR

Pulsar 4,000W Portable Gas-Powered Quiet Inverter Generator with Remote Start & Parallel Capability, CARB Compliant, PG4000iSR

The Pulsar PG4000iSR has a peak surge of 4,000 watts of power and 3,500 running watts. It comes with a 3.4-gallon fuel tank that will keep the generator going for 15 hours at 50% load.

This inverter comes with 5 outlets:

  • One 120v 20 Amp duplex outlets
  • One 120v 30 Amp RV outlets
  • Two 120v AC outlets
  • One integrated USB outlets

Since the generator produces clean sine waves, the power won’t blow off delicate equipment like mobile phones, smartphones, and other sensitive equipment. The generator has a parallel socket which means, you can connect it to other similar generators for the same added power.

Thanks to the resistant frame with never-flat wheels and telescope handle which makes maneuvering with the generator easier. The generator is CARB compliant, which means you can use it in California and the other 49 states in the United States.

The generator produces 63dB(A) of noise at 10 feet away, which means it is silent in operation. The generator weighs around 92.6 pounds and has a two-year warranty with free limited technical support. The generator has a wireless remote start that you can use to operate it well.


  • 4 gallons tank capacity
  • Runtime is 15 hours
  • 63dBA of noise
  • Remote start mechanism


  • High fuel consumption
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4. Champion 100302


The Champion 100302 is expensive. It is also a digital inverter like the Westinghouse. The main advantage is, it has a hybrid engine that runs on either propane or gasoline. Besides that, it also has a parallel connection you can use to connect with another champion 100302.

The one thing you’ll love is the 24CC, OHV engine fitted into it. It makes the generator run quietly and conserve the fuel. Unlike other generators that have a recoil starter only, this one has an advanced cold start technology.

That technology makes it easier for the generator to start in cold areas or climate. The Champion vibrates more than any other generator. On the flip side, the Champion is CARB and EPA certified, which means emission levels are low.

The low oil shutoff protects the engine when the generator runs out of oil. The generator has a starting watt of 4000 and 3500 as running watts. In terms of fuel consumption, the Champion will save you lots of fuel. The Champion 100302 also comes with four outlets

  • One 20V 30A RV (TT-30R)
  • One 12 V DC
  • Two 120 V 20A household

As a hybrid generator, this one is 50%  quieter than it’s traditional 3,500-watt models. Most importantly, it also weighs less. Its fuel tank capacity of 2.9 gallons is enough to power two power-hungry appliances sometimes.

At 23 feet, it produces the 64 dB(A), which resembles a standard conversion. The quick touch panel allows quick access to multiple controls, and its Economic mode decreases a lot of electric loads, which further lowers the noise level.

Despite the generator having a smaller fuel tank, it will run for 17 hours straight on a 25% load capacity. One thing you will realize is that few open frame generators will boast about this noise level. From experience, most open frame generators are noisy.

Another area where the generator is a clear winner is the weight. It is the lightest generator on this list at 81.6pounds. Although it doesn’t come with a wheel kit, it offers plenty of grips for people to carry it with ease.


  • Light
  • Longer runtime
  • Economic mode to save you energy


  • Has only two 120 V outlet
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5. DuroStart DS4000s 4000 Watt Generator

The generator comes with a full-powered panel featuring power outlets, oil warning light, circuit breaker, and voltmeter. The generator comes with a durable steel frame that consists of 4 points completely separated motor mounts to provide solutions and excellent promotion.

Besides that, the generator comes with low oil shut off with an air-cooled OHV engine. That explains why Durostart is often referred to as DuroStar 7.0H.p

An impressive feature you’ll love in the generator is that it can run for 8 hours. This is a four-gallon gas tank that comes with EPA approved engine. What that means is, you’ll have a noise-free exhaust and spark arrestor.

Thanks to its low oil shut-off that protects the engine in addition to that there’s a muffler that reduces the noises coming from the engine. The generator does not come with a built-in wheel kit which means, you will have to buy it separately. An excellent wheel kit will help you move around with the generator with ease.

The impressive features on this generator make it ideal for job sites, camping, home backup, and RV needs. Besides these, you can use the generator to meet most of your home needs in the event of disasters or calamities.

Durostar 4000 watts generator has a great reputation for good quality and providing customers exceptional value for their money. The only irony with the DuroSta is that it doesn’t provide the same wattage as the Westinghouse Inverter generator.

Its extra horsepower makes it is a powerful beast. The 4-gallon gas tank runs for 8 hours at 50% load. That’s equivalent to 3.3 Kilo-watt-hours per gallon. Since this is not an inverter generator, it doesn’t have a mechanism for an economy model. Thanks to its fuel gauge, you’ll at least know the gas is low.

Its control panel provides you with 2x 120v household outlets and 2 30A, twist lock 120v outlets for easier connection. The DuroStar DS4000s weighs 90kg, which means you’ll need at least two people to move it around.


  • Quiet operation
  • Inexpensive
  • Easy to read fuel gauge


  • You need to change the oil every time
  • Tiny hardware pieces
  • No watt meter.
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6. Champion Power Equipment 46565

Champion Power Equipment Model 46565 3,500-4,000 Watt Remote Start Portable Gas-Powered Generator (Not For Sale in California)

The Champion 46565 is gas-powered and features a wireless remote start with a single cylinder 196 ccc. It has a 4000 starting watt and OHV engine four-stroke that produces 3, 500 as operating watt.

Besides that, it has an interspersed auto choke that you can use to start the generator. Like most generators we have around the champion has low oil shut-off sensors that protect the engine when the oil is low.

The other thing you’ll love about this generator is that it comes with a wheel kit. That shows the generator is excellent for traveling, home backup power. Apart from you can move around with it easily. The wheel kit has a never-flat wheel that measures 8 inches.

Another great thing to appreciate is that it has an electric start.

All you need is to push the button. In other words, it saves you the hassle of pulling a long string. Since the generator has no throttle it runs at a constant speed. That means you will never have to worry about an emergency like power outages.

This a 3.8-gallon fuel tank that runs for 12 hours at 50% load. The generator is also EPA approved to mean that you can use it in the US national parks and forests. Like most generators, this one is not CARB  approved, to meet that you can’t use it in California.

At 23 feet the generator’s noise level is 68dB. The champion also has interesting features like the USDA spark arrestor, a muffler, and a cast iron.

Champion 46565 has 4 outlets:

  • 120 V 30 amp Twist-lock receptacle (NEMA LS-30K)
  • 1-120 V 30 amp Receptacle (NEMA TT-30R) for RVs.
  • 2-120v 20 Amp Duplex outlet (NEMA 5-20R)

The only drawback for the generator is it lacks a 240V outlet. One thing to remember is you can either use the RV outlet or the 30 amp Twist-lock receptacle to generate 3500 watts.

Likewise using the standard 120 V 20 amp duplex outlet only give you 2900 watts. The generator weighs only 134lb.


  • Low consumption
  • Acceptable noise
  • Excellent run time


  • Lacks 240 V outlet
  • 4 outlet only.
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7. Briggs and Stratton 30676


The generator has a powerful 208cc OHV engine which ensures an extended run time of 14 hours at 50% load. Its new overhead value technology makes the engine cool during operations. Its five-gallon tank makes the generator run throughout the right without the need for refueling.

With its strong 7’’ never go flat wheels, you’ll be able to move with this generator with ease. Its power surge alternator emits short power surges to ignite any power-hungry devices you may have at home. Its sturdy wattage is 4375 watts and operating watt. Thanks to its recoil start, you can start the generator with ease.

Its control panel has two household outlets and one RV outlet. All these outlets are protected by the circuit breaker. Its noise level is anywhere from 67 to 69 dB(A) from a distance of 23 feet. Additionally, it has a Super Lo-Tone muffler that reduces noise.

The 208CC OHV 4-stroke engine uses gasoline. With its 120 V output, the generator can produce 3500 as running watts and 4375 as peak watts.

The 4-gallon fuel tank can run for 8 hours at 50% load. The generator boasts of 3 AC outlets

  • Duplex 120 V 20A (5-20)
  • TT-30r Receptacle
  • 120 V 30 A (TT-30R) receptacle.

With its open-frame design, you can raise it above the ground level. At only 111lbs, this generator is heavy but this huge weight is compensated by an excellent wheel kit and folding hands.

Here’s the good news:

The generator is EPA-approved and CARB compliant. That means you can use it in all 50 states in the US.


  • Overhead valve technology to make the engine cold
  • 14 hours runtime
  • Super Lo-Tone muffler.


  • Too loud

Our Top Choice for the Best 4000 Watt Inverter Generator

From our in-depth research and testing these five generators with consumers, we feel and know that the Westinghouse iPro4200 generator to be the best.

A few features that caught our attention on this generator include low noise levels,  longer runtime, efficient fuel consumption technology, and the number of outlets available.

In other words, you won’t make a wrong decision if you bought the Westinghouse iPro4200 inverter generator.

Westinghouse iPro4200 Portable Industrial Inverter Generator – 3500 Rated Watts & 4200 Peak Watts – Gas Powered – OSHA & CARB Compliant
  • 3500 Rated Watts and 4200 Peak Watts at Less Than 3% THD - Gas Powered - Six 120V 20 Amp GFCI Power Outlets, Two USB Outlets
  • Engineered for Professional, Industrial Applications - Strong Enough to Run Power Tools and Job Site Essentials - Durable Steel Fuel Tank and Rugged Steel Frame
  • OHSA Compliant with Full Panel GFCI Protection - 212cc Westinghouse OHV Engine features Fuel-Saving Efficiency Mode, Overload Protection, and Automatic Low Oil Shutoff for Added Safety
  • Extremely Quiet, Extremely Fuel Efficient: Low Noise Output and Incredible 22 Hour Run Time on a 2.6 Gallon Gas Tank
  • 1000 Hour Warranty, Free Lifetime Technical Support - EPA, USFS, and CARB Compliant (Legal for Sale in California)