Top 5 Duromax Generators

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Searching the market for a quality Duromax generator can be excruciatingly time-consuming, even if you know precisely what you are looking for. However, the entire process becomes much simpler when you get acquainted with a few reputable brands and their catalogs.

DuroMax is one of the leaders in the generator industry, so taking a gander at what they have to offer may be worth your while. Today we’ve prepared a selection of the top 5 best Duromax generator models for your convenience, but before we get to them, let’s see what it is that makes this company special:

Why should I buy a DuroMax generator?

There’s a myriad of reasons why DuroMax is among the most popular brands in the generator market. First and foremost, their generators are well renowned for their reliability – you shouldn’t expect them to malfunction within decades if you maintain them properly.

Secondly, most (if not all) DuroMax generators are environmentally friendly. Even though a good portion of this brand’s generators are heavy-duty models, nearly all models pack advanced engines and oil/gas-refining mechanisms that reduce the polluting emissions.

Last, but not least, the machines are built to last. Generator machines made by this brand are supplied with top-shelf metal frames that are impervious to rust, and virtually all sorts of physical damage. The Duromax generator reviews await below!

Top 5 Best Duromax Generators Reviews

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Best Overall – DuroMax XP5500E

The DuroMax ‘E’ Series is comprised of generators that are basically heavily improved versions of their predecessors (originals); the XP5500E is, perhaps, the strongest card in the suit, sporting a stronger, more reliable engine, a more accessible power panel, and a tad sturdier construction. In a nutshell, this is a gas-powered domestic generator that comes at a fairly affordable price.

The first notable feature of DuroMax XP5500E is the 7.5-horsepower engine. Aside from the fact that it’s much stronger and faster but it’s also outfitted with a more reliable electric recoil start-up mechanism. On top of that, XP5500E rocks a convenient oil funnel for easier maintenance, and a better-organized power panel.

Speaking of which, the panel features better depictions and explanations of each feature, allowing you to tackle the system of operation of your XP5500E much faster.

As far as connectivity is of concern, DuroMax XP5500E features a single 120/240V 30A twist-lock and two 12V 20A outlets. Obviously, bigger models with more wattage power are superior in this field, but considering XP5500E is a light-duty domestic generator with 5,500 watts, three receptacles should be enough.

Now, the field where this generator excels the most is portability. Aside from the fact that XP5500E is lighter than most of its counterparts with similar wattage, it’s also equipped with top-shelf wheels and a retractable carry handle.

Moreover, DuroMax XP5500E is surprisingly quiet for a gas powered generator. Its noise emissions are on average 69 decibels.

The only thing that leaves room for improvement is the hardware. Namely, the screws, bolts, and nuts are adequate, but not overly rugged. Be it as it may, XP5500E is still among the best Duromax generator models due to its remarkable overall sturdiness, versatility, and outstanding features. This option has impressed us, one of the better generators out there. We’ll wrap up this generator review with a list of pros and cons.


  • Decently quiet operation
  • Superior portability due to top-shelf wheels and retractable handle
  • Excellent wattage for a home generator
  • User-friendly display board
  • Affordable


  • Flimsy hardware
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Best High-End – DuroMax XP1000E Portable Generator Review

DuroMax gained their fame through premium-quality mid-range generators, but they also offer a huge array of industrial and boutique models; the XP15000E is an excellent representative of their quality, and we’ve labeled it as one of the finest high-end portable generators from this brand.

The first thing that separates this generator from other DuroMax models is the 23-horsepower V-Twin Engine. Essentially, it’s one of the strongest, sturdiest motors among DuroMax constructs, and it’s certainly the most feature-packed one.

At that point, the motorsports the low-oil automatic shutoff feature, which works in perfect harmony with the oil level indicators at the power board – this provides you a clear overview of engine maintenance and oil refill times.

In terms of connectivity, the XP15000E is one of the most advanced DuroMax generators since it sports a single AC 120V 30A slot, two AC 120V 20A GFCI outlets, a single AC 120/240V 30A outlet, and a single AC 120/240V 50A outlet. Furthermore, it also comes supplied with AC circuit protectors for each outlet.

Another excellent feature of the XP15000E is upgraded MX2 technology. Basically, this feature optimizes the receptacles to perform with better consistency and reliability while at full capacity.

Obviously, an important element to the hefty price tag is the amount of raw power the XP15000E generator has to offer – this is a 15,000-watt generator that is actually more portable than it looks like. One of its main downfalls is that it weighs approximately 380 pounds, but it’s outfitted with big, sturdy wheels and retractable leg raisers and handles. A great option for fans of portable generators, you can place it in your garage.


  • 15,000 watts of power
  • Upgraded MX2 Technology
  • Superior portability when compared to other heavy-duty generators
  • The low oil auto-shutoff feature


  • Exceptionally heavy
  • Expensive

Best Heavy-Duty – DuroMax XP12000EH – Dual Fuel Compatibility

Industrial generators are typically strong, robust, and pack several times as much power as home generators, but they’re also crude, bulky, and exceptionally heavy. DuroMax’s XP12000EH offers the former while being lighter, more affordable, and eco-friendlier at the same time.

This generator offers 12,000 watts, provided by the 18-horsepower 457 CC engine, which is positioned at the very heart of its full-metal construction.

Another great feature of this generator is the dual-fuel compatibility – namely, XP12000EH can be powered by both gas and propane. In fact, it may very well be one of the finest hybrid generators in the heavy-duty category.

Even though the XP12000EH generator weighs approximately 224 pounds, this generator is supplied with wide-tired all-terrain wheels for improved portability. Moreover, the tires are surprisingly sturdy and should serve you well for decades given proper maintenance.

Lastly, XP12000EH features a single AC 120V 30A socket, two AC 120V 20A GFCI outlets, a single AC 120/240V 30A port, and a single AC 120/240V 50A port. Overall, this generator is an excellent choice for bigger homes and for industrial use as it has both the strength and the durability to put up with even the most demanding power-supplying tasks. One of the best dual fuel generators you can buy; solid specs, this model is a solid choice for your home backup generator.


  • Decently affordable for an industrial generator
  • Five diverse outlets in total
  • Robust all-terrain wheels
  • 12,000 watts of power
  • Full-metal construction
  • Propane dual-fuel compatibility 


  • Fairly heavy
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Best Compact – DuroMax XP4400E

The XP4400E is a highly portable compact DuroMax generator that sports some of the finest features the brand has to offer, along with dual-fuel compatibility for all weather conditions.

It’s a light-duty generator as it packs only 4,400 watts, and it’s perfect for either home use or for camping. This model weighs roughly 100 pounds, and it’s outfitted with a pair of remarkably robust wheels. Sadly, the wheels need to be manually assembled, but fortunately, the brand will provide you with the installation toolkit and the manual.

Aside from being environmentally friendly, XP4400E is also decently quiet. Its noise emissions are estimated at 69 decibels.

DuroMax’s XP4400E is powered by a 7-horsepower generator, which is supplied with the electric start-up mechanism, the oil funnel, and the automatic low-oil shutoff features.

All things considered, this is a very portable domestic generator that offers a sufficient amount of power for regular-sized houses. Its only drawback is that it’s slightly heavier than most 4 KW generators you can buy in this price range.


  • Highly portable
  • Decently affordable
  • 4,400 watts
  • Quiet operation
  • Eco-friendly
  • Great for RV Generator


  • Heavier than average
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Best Budget-Friendly – DuroMax XP4000S

Let’s wrap up our reviews with DuroMax XP4000S – one of the smallest, most portable, and most affordable gas generators that this company has to offer.

In a nutshell, the XP4000S weighs around 90 pounds; it offers 4,000 watts and is powered by a 7-horsepower air-cooled gas engine. It’s as quiet as the XP4400E, which is fairly obvious since it’s roughly 400 watts weaker while sporting a set of nearly identical features.

Even though the difference in watts between the two could matter in certain situations, the reason why XP4000S made it onto our list of the best DuroMax generator models is its affordability.  Its performance is much akin to XP5500E, and even XP8500E if we were to ignore the difference in strength, so if you are looking for a stable, reliable low-power generator, this may be the perfect choice for you.


  • Lightweight
  • Built to last
  • Air-cooled Gas engine
  • Fairly quiet performance
  • Ideal for camping


  • Relatively weak



This brand offers dozens of top-shelf models, so picking the best Duromax generator certainly wasn’t easy. Each machine in their catalog excels in numerous fields of performance, so it’s pretty safe to say that you can’t make a mistake as long as you get the wattage and generator size right.

We hope you like our selection of the top 5 best Duromax generators and that you’ve found a model that can cater to your power-supplying needs.