Top 5 Dual Fuel Generator Reviews

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Feel the Power of the Best Dual Fuel Generators

Flexible, eco-friendly, and just as strong as their single-fuel counterparts, dual fuel generators are taking the market by storm. These generators proved to be reliable decades ago when they first emerged on the industrial scene, but given the steady advances in technology, they are resurging stronger than ever.

Let’s start with the dual-fuel generators: Why should you consider buying a dual fuel generator?

Dual-Fuel generators blend two types of fuel, which pulls a series of benefits to the center of the table. First and foremost, generators that rely on this method are substantially eco-friendlier. Second of all, these generators are more cost-effective in the long run as they put forward lower maintenance costs while saving you quite a bit of cash on reduced fuel costs.

They are, however, not easy to find – at least decent-quality models are not littered all across the virtual marketplaces. Luckily, we’ve been able to find and test the five best dual fuel generator models for your convenience. After we get to the reviews of the dual fuel generators, we will briefly talk about what makes the good ones stand out and check out the best of the dual fuel domain. We will consider the runtime, how much power the fuel can deliver, the gasoline, propane, the price, warranty, the noise, how portable the machine is. You can check price of each engine via Amazon. Let’s dig in now, the dual fuel generators await below!

Best Dual Fuel Generator Reviews

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Best Overall Dual Fuel Generator – Westinghouse WGen 3600DF Generator

We will start our rundown with Westinghouse’s Wgen3600DF generator. In simple words, this model is stronger than most portable models and more convenient than most heavy-duty generators.

The first thing most people notice on WGen3600DF is its size and relatively crude aesthetic. The exposed frame is actually a huge plus, as it offers a more hands-on approach in terms of usability and maintenance. All of the more delicate parts are neatly tucked away at safe locations, safe from rain and cold weather.

Westinghouse’s WGen3600DF offers 3600 watts of power, provided by the robust OHV engine. It’s also incredibly durable as it features a cast-iron sleeve for the engine and sturdy steel construction.

One of the best things about the WGen3600DF power generator is the easy dual-fuel selection handle. Basically, you can twist the handle and determine the ratio between two fuels whenever you deem it to be necessary. Of course, the automatic selection feature will remain active until you manually shut it down.

Another exquisite feature of WGen3600DF is its portability – not easy to best, for sure. Essentially, this generator weighs approximately 109 pounds, but it is outfitted with two all-terrain wheels. More precisely speaking, the package features two wheels that sadly need to be installed. On a more positive note, the package includes a simple installation kit and an even simpler user’s manual with a setup step-by-step guide.

Even its connectivity is pretty great – the WGen3600DF power generator offers two 5-20R slots, one TT-30R port, and one L5-30R port. As one of the most versatile items on the list, we’ve decided to grant it the title of the best dual fuel generator available on the market in 2021. The peak power is great, and so is the runtime. You can find the latest price via Amazon, along with warranty info, and other info. You can also find the pros and cons list below.


  • Exceptionally well-rounded
  • 3,600 watt of power OHV (overhead valve) engine
  • Portable; low noise level
  • Great connectivity


  • A relatively high noise level
  • Wheels need to be installed

Top Heavy-Duty Dual Fuel Generator – DuroMax 12,000 Watt XP12000EH Generator

Our runner-up pick is a 12 KW powerhouse from DuroMax, the XP 12000EH power generator. This dual fuel generator is strong enough to power up industrial machines and constructs; furthermore, its great connectivity would also come in handy even if used as a backup home generator.

This generator is equipped with a highly reliable 457cc engine that boasts 18 units of horse power. The engine is safely tucked away at the heart of the construction, protected from recoil and damage by a robust frame.

As far as connectivity is of concern, DuroMax XP 12000EH offers two 120V-20A ports, a single 120V-30A port, a single AC 120/240 Volt 30A slot, and a single 120/240V 50A port. Right above the connection slots, you’ll be able to see the oil-alert and recharge indicators, the circuit breaker switch, and the idle control (eco-mode).

It’s huge and bulky, but it’s also fairly portable since it is equipped with two fat-tire wheels for all terrain types, and two robust leg stands. The only drawback of DuroMax XP 12000EH is the fact that it’s a huge space-eater. Namely, storing it may be an issue while moving it from place to place shouldn’t be as much.

Overall, if you’re looking for a strong, reliable dual-fuel powerhouse available at a fair price, feel free to choose the DuroMax XP 12000EH. You can also check the other generators we have in store. One of them is bound to be your perfect, best pick.


  • Decently portable for a power generator of that size
  • Exceptionally strong 18 horse power motor
  • Built to last
  • Equipped with tires for all terrain types


  • Difficult to store
  • Big and bulky

Top Mid-Range Dual Fuel Generator – DuroStar DS4850EH 4,850 Watt Generator

This particular generator might be perfect for people who don’t want to spend a small fortune, but who won’t settle for entry-level models either. DuroStar’s DS4850EH offers a well-balanced performance, compromising little in terms of durability, portability, and wattage.

First and foremost, the DS4850EH offers 4,850 watts at peak power; its running wattage measures 3,850 watts, so it’s ideal as a backup generator for larger homes; even though it may appear like overkill for camping, DuroStar’s DS4850EH is actually outfitted with easy-rolling wheels and weighs considerably less than models of similar strength.

Its connectivity could use a little boost, though, as it sports a single DC 12 volt slot, a single AC 120/240 Volt 30A slot, and a single AC 120V 20A port. On the upside, the exquisite MX2 technology will allow you to squeeze the maximum juice out of each outlet, offering unparalleled consistency at the expense of versatility.

Another welcome treat is the bundle of complementary features you will receive free of charge; the bonus features include an oil funnel, a sparkplug, a toolset, and a set of charging cables. All in all, DuroStar’s DS4850EH may be one of the best dual fuel generator models due to its well-roundedness and superb features it comes supplied with. One of the best generators in the dual fuel, a good choice for a variety of users needing power.


  • A decently quiet system for a generator of this power level (69 decibels)
  • Exquisite MX2 technology for superb consistency
  • Well-designed and durable dual fuel generator
  • Free toolbox and sparkplug


  • Only three outlets

Best Portable Dual Fuel Generator – Firman P01201 Portable Power Generator

Portable dual fuel power generators are truly rare gems, but we’ve managed to find one – Firman’s P01201 is a 1,200-watt power generator that excels in durability, portability, and affordability.

The first thing that separates Firman P01201 from most similarly priced models is the fact that it weighs only 54 pounds. It also sports a built-in carry handle, so if you are looking for a model that you can easily move from point A to point B, the P01201 may be the best dual fuel generator for you.

Despite its petite size, it is actually surprisingly durable. Namely, the P01201 power generator features cast iron construction that can withstand years, if not decades of use and abuse. The only drawback here is that iron isn’t as grateful in terms of maintenance as it is prone to rust.

In a nutshell, the Firman P01201 power generator is very easy to use, it’s outfitted with a single AC 120 Volt 20A power connection port, and it’s among the lightest dual fuel generators on the market. Even though it’s certainly not the most versatile portable generator available, it’s an excellent choice for smaller and mid-sized homes, especially if you are looking for a backup. A good starting point for new users of power generators and one of the best 1,200 watt generators.


  • Highly affordable power generator
  • Small and lightweight, rocks the dual fuel
  • Cast iron construction
  • Ideal as a backup generator
  • Can offer up to 10 hours of runtime


  • Only one connection slot

Top Value Dual Fuel Generator – Firman WH3200 Inverter Dual Fuel

Our final pick is Firman’s WH3200 power generator. The reasons why it offers superior value for the money are many – it is highly affordable, yet it is still stronger and more versatile than most budget dual fuel generators.

This generator is outfitted with a 171CC engine that sports an integrated automatic low-oil shutdown feature. Moreover, the engine sits in a sturdy cast-iron sleeve.

In terms of connectivity, the WH3200 is substantially superior to our previous pick (P01201) – it offers a multitude of covered 120 Volt outlets, although it’s not ‘parallel-ready’ and can only be used as a standalone generator.

Even though it is lightweight, WH3200 is supplied with a pair of rolling wheels, which are sadly not as versatile or as durable as the wheels supplied to mid-range generators. All things considered, WH3200 might be the best dual fuel generator in the budget price point category. One of the best generators available in the dual fuel category – a solid machine with good running power!


  • Superb connectivity, good start system
  • Strong 171CC engine with a built-in low-oil shutdown feature
  • Up to 9 hours of runtime
  • Highly affordable power generator
  • Best dual fuel generator for your RV


  • Flimsy wheels

Dual Fuel Generators Buying Guide – What makes a good dual fuel generator?

Before buying your dual fuel generator you should consider its compatibility with your fuel stocks (and further fuel storage plans), wattage, portability, and connectivity:

Compatibility and fuel

Plenty, if not all dual fuel generators are compatible with natural gas. However, certain models are exclusively compatible with specific types of fuel (for example Gasoline and Diesel).

The wattage of dual fuel models

The wattage of a power generator largely influences its size, its weight, portability, and price. Even though these individual aspects may vary, it’s easier to search for a generator based on your power supplying needs.

Dual fuel generators are better when highly portable

A heavy power generator will often sit in the very spot you’ve initially placed it in. Consider buying a lighter model if you wish to take it on your camping trips or to power any other portion of your home. This is one of the important features that make a good dual fuel mode.

Connectivity of the generators

The size of a power generator doesn’t necessarily influence its ability to bring enough power to an entire household or its inability to do so – it is wattage combined with sufficient connectivity slots. Generally speaking, ‘the more, the merrier’ applies here perfectly. Single-slot generators with over 10 KW of strength are less valuable than 2 KW generators that can accept several electrical devices.


Conclusion – Dual Fuel Generators Run Easy and Deliver the Watts

Essentially, dual fuel generators aren’t as popular as inverter power generators, diesel generators, or propane power generators, so cherry-picking the best-performing dual fuel model shouldn’t be too hard. A surge of popularity of these models would not surprise us at this level, considering their overall capability. We hope you had a good time and that you liked our catalog of the best dual fuel generator models in 2021 and wish you all the luck in finding one that is capable of catering to your power supplying needs. You wanted the best, you got it!